Monday, November 17, 2014

The End of the Countdown: The Rehearsal

Our big day started at our rehearsal. We rehearsed at the church, and then had dinner at the Exempt Club before we started decorating.
Directional signs that were up in town that FIL made

The groom and his best man

Our musicians

Our readers/singers

Kids getting antsy

Before we decorated, we enjoyed train wrecks (IL's former restaurant's version of a garbage plate) with the family. We then decorated the Exempt Club and made it look better for the next day!
All photos taken by FIL

Friday, November 14, 2014

Island Time: Our Honeymoon

Well, 4 years later, and I have yet to post any recaps from our wedding and honeymoon. I'm not the best blogger- I always find something else I could be doing with my time (mostly nothing).

We spent our honeymoon in the 1000 Islands, about 3 hours away from home. We couldn't think of a better place to spend our honeymoon (well, we could....we just couldn't afford anywhere else). It is such a relaxing place, and in August, it is just beautiful. Lots to do, perfect weather, and overall just a great place.

My family had gone up to the 1000 Islands every summer for a few weeks for a good chunk of my childhood. I have many great memories from going up there, but hadn't gone since about 2000. A lot has changed, but there are still great things to do there.

We stayed for a week, spending a couple nights in a hotel that I had always wanted to stay at, and the rest of the week in a cottage on the water. We did fun things like exploring the towns (Cape Vincent, Clayton and Alex Bay), we went to Canada, went to Boldt Castle, and just relaxed.

I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favorite spots and some great things to do in the 1000 Islands!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

9: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I realized that I haven't talked much about what I want to do with my hair. I planned on having it done half up-half down. I had decided to go with a spa rather than where I've grown up getting my hair done (and have had it done for every major dance I've ever been to). This was decided after I had talked to a friend (who owns her own salon), and she had been booked for a wedding on the same day as mine, so she wouldn't have been able to do it.

I decided to go to Solutions Studio and Spa to get my hair and make-up done. I felt better going to a spa, since they can generally work with oily skin types a little better. The only thing that I didn't like was that I had to pay full price for the trial and event day! That was $210! I went in and had my trial, and we did half up-half down, using my extensions:

This is the only one I could find-we went to Alfred Angelo after the trial to get pictures.

Not bad. I wasn't in love, but it looked really nice, so I thought of some things that could be done to make it look a little better on the actual event day (Like using more extensions, making my face NOT look oily).

Well, it was about 2 weeks or so after the trial that I got a call from Solutions. It was the person who had done my hair (I found out later she was the one of the manager's daughters) saying she had the chance to go on vacation the SAME weekend as my wedding, and wouldn't be able to do my hair. I had 2 choices: go with someone else (meaning, I could go in and have another trial with that person, which would be another $105) or cancel my (and all of the girls) appointment. I decided to cancel. I ended up losing $105, but it was way better than not loving my hair.

At that point, I didn't know where I was going for the wedding. My friend still couldn't do it, and I was worried that asking the women who has done my hair forever would be to late. Luckily, a few days later, I got a phone call from my friend saying that she was canceled for the wedding she had on my wedding day, and that I was probably already booked, but she was just letting me know. How perfect! I told her the story and that I'd want to go in soon for a trial with her and have her do my hair. It didn't work out to go in for my hair trial until 9 days before the wedding (trying to work out after the surgery and treatment and all the other doctor and wedding appointments I had in that 2 month period), but I trusted her and knew she would be able to do a great job. And she did!

I told her that I was going for a half up-half down look, but if she thought something else better, then she could try it. She wanted to try something to see if I'd like and I just let her. I wasn't sure at first, but the more I looked at the pictures, the more I really loved it! She even mentioned me getting a flower clip to put in the back/bottom part.

Did you have a major cancelation after you've put a lot of time and effort into the decision?

*All photos are personal photos

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2: Wishing Well, or Gazebo

For our cards, Josh decided to surprise me and make a Wishing Well Gazebo. It's a replica of the Hilton Gazebo, where we got engaged! And let me tell you, it looks great! The journey of our gazebo:

I couldn't find the actual picture I took of the gazebo, so you'll have to look at our STD's again. Not too bad of a job!

For some reason I can't upload the picture our photographer has of us in front of it. So it appears that you'll have to wait for a little while for that. It's very frustrating for me too.

How did you collect cards from friends and family?

*All photos are personal photos or files.

4: I'm an Aunt!

Four days before the wedding, Josh's brother and his wife had their first baby! Both are in the WP, and both did great on the wedding day too! :)

Malachi & Aunt Paula

Malachi & Uncle Josh

Malachi was born just 4 days before the wedding day! And all the problems I had with everything...on the wedding day I didn't even realize anything except how happy I was and what an awesome day to celebrate Josh & I it was.

Did you have a new addition to the family before the wedding? How did it go?

*All pictures are personal photos.

4: Get Yer Programs!

I had some help a few days before the wedding assembly the programs. I didn't get any pictures of the help, but I did get some before and after shots. It was nice to have my FSIL and brother's girlfriend both helping me! (And roping the girls at the Bachelorette party to help finsih assembling what wasn't finished!)

Before assembly:

After assembly:

Did you like the way one of your big projects turned out?

First photo is personal photo, rest of pictures were taken by The Village Photographer

25: A Special Treat

We decided that since two of our Bridesmaids were Gluten Free, and one of our guests is Vegan, to go to a local bakery to have some gluten free/vegan cupcakes on hand so they were able to eat dessert with the rest of us!

The bakery is Eco Bella Bakery, located in downtown Rochester! They were very friendly, and for being gluten free/vegan, their food was very good! We got 12 cupcakes, some white and some chocolate, and got a little cupcake topper made to look like Daisy to go on top! You'll get to see the whole thing when I do my recaps!
I really hope the 3 enjoyed eating dessert!

Did you get a special treat for anyone who couldn't eat the normal dessert?

70: Daisy on Our Cupcakes!

Since we weren't really able to have Daisy be at our wedding, I decided I would try to find a way for her to be there in spirit. I wanted a cupcake topper for our cupcakes, and thought a Daisy would be perfect!

I put out an alchemy request on Etsy, and chose cbarjcrafts to make the Daisy for us. It only cost $30 for a custom clay model of Daisy, and she even got to come along on our honeymoon!

Were you able to incorporate your pet?

90: Table Name Pictures

You saw the frames for the table names, and know that we took Daisy for pictures for them, I am now going to present to you the two winning pictures:

Somehow my picture file got messed up! :(

I needed 2 pictures because, as you could see in the pictures of the frames, there were holes punched into it from the person I bought it from. She used it to hang them and display them that way. I decided I owuld just tie a pretty little bow through each hole, and needed 2 different pictures to go with each layout.

Did you have to do some brainstorming to get a project to be "perfect"?

*All pictures personal photos

Saturday, March 5, 2011

9: Farewell!

Another thing that I was lucky enough to keep from my inspiration list was the streamer farewell. I bought 2 different kinds of streamers, throws from Special F/X, and wands from Halo Heaven. I figured having wands for people who didn't want to throw, or for the few kids we had there, it would be best.

The ribbon throws from Special F/X were pretty easy (just open them and throw like a ball), but there were TONS of streamers in them. I shold have thought that through, and as you'll see in a little bit,we wree overloaded with streamers!

The wands from Halo Heaven turned out very cute!

 Again, you'll see more of these when I do my recaps!

Did you do a unique farewell?

*All personal photos