Thursday, May 7, 2009

464ish: Where to Start...

So I've decided to make a blog of my wedding planning! Crazy. It's mostly to keep any family or friends that might be interested in the planning & what I'm doing. haha. Maybe it might keep me a little more organized on what I've done & what I need to do...we'll see. The date is August 14, 2010. I won't go into details on where it is, just because I'm paranoid about people knowing where live & such. I watch too much tv I guess. The important people will know eventually when & where & all the good details ;-)

So, so far I've booked pretty much everything I need to that NEEDS to be done now. The church, reception hall and the DJ are all booked & deposits are down on those! I've also picked out my dress! But you'll just have to wait until the wedding day to see it! Now, other details!

  • Colors: fuchsia & yellow
  • Flowers: daisies & other flowers-carnations, roses, lilies 
Actually, I think that's all of the other details I can think of right now. I'll write soon & give another update!

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