Saturday, June 13, 2009

427: The Big Purchase & Little Details

So I thought I'd write & say that I bought my dress yesterday!! I'm quite excited & glad it's done with because now I can work on all the details!! But no, I won't tell you what it looks like-you'll just have to wait until the wedding & see! :) But I'm really happy about it, & happy that the hardest part is over-besides hair & deciding on what I want to do about bridesmaids dresses...

We also decided on what we are doing instead of the unity candle- flowers & then we'll be doing this thing called the Cord of Three Strands. We'll probably do it around the readings, but we'll let you know more about it when we get a little closer.

So that's pretty cool. I'm quite happy that we can actually start thinking of more things because it's getting closer! but it's still far away :(