Tuesday, August 25, 2009

354: Flower Power

This will probably be the last time I write for a little while-I'll be starting school stuff today & classes start on Monday...which means less time for wedding planning :( Hopefully it won't be that bad & that I'll still have time to work on somethings-but I'm expecting that for the next 3 months-little wedding stuff will be done-which is why I really tried to do a ton-even if it isn't something I should be doing for another 6 months. We'll see though!

Last night we went to Josh's Aunt S's to talk about flowers! I'm excited to say she'll be doing them! I was really nervous after talking to Rockcastle becase it seemed like a TON of flowers so I was worried about Aunt S doing them-but after talking to her it shouldn't be too much for her to handle! & if it does get to be too much I'm sure she'll tell me :) I'll try to go to a few more florists just to see if I can set up a consultation so I can get some more ideas b/c I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do for me yet.

I think that's pretty much all in the last week that I've done. Other than try to think of more DIY stuff I want to do but have to wait & do...I also need to go over to the church & look around so I can get an idea of how I want to decorate there. Ceremony details is another thing-I think I've finally come up with my processional! But you'll have to wait & hear it...for now! ;)

From now on should be more exciting b/c I should actually be doing things & it'll be real instead of talking about what I will do :)

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