Tuesday, August 18, 2009

361: Excitement at the One Year Mark

We are finally under a year to go!!!! It's exciting to be seeing that we have 12 months to go!! I've done a few more things in the last few days since our -1 anniversary:

  • Josh & I went on a date on the Mary Jemison-a boat ride on the Genessee River & Erie Canal-we took the dinner cruise. It was very nice! I would highly recommend it for anyone... www.samandmary.org if you want to take a look

  • We went to Walmart on Sunday & started our gift registry there-one less thing to really worry about doing. We spent 2 hours there & didn't really do everything so I went back the next day with mom & she gave me some advice on what I would/wouldn't need. Hopefully we can go to Bed, Bath & Beyone this next Sunday to finish up the registry & I'll keep checking online to make sure everything's good.
  • I had an appt. today with a florist & we looked at some flowers & pretty much decided on what I want. I don't remember all of it b/c I didn't write down it all & I can only get a copy of everything if we go with this florist-which is probably highly likely- I really liked the florist & she really helped me figure stuff out b/c I had NO idea what I really wanted.
I think that's all the major things that have happened in the last 2 weeks-still trying to figure out hair styles & other decorations & everything. I'll let you know if something new happens!

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