Sunday, September 27, 2009

321: Piercings & Posies

So Saturday I went with the first bridesmaid to try on dresses!! Bridesmaid P, our moms & I went to Alfred Angelo & P tried on some dresses-like 12 of them. She liked a few of them. I think I wrote about 6-7 down that she liked. We then went to Piercing Pagoda & she got her second holes pierced! She was quite nervous after she got there.

After that we went to The Distillery for dinner :) yummm. I love their chicken fingers!! We went home after that & today we got to go to the bridal show at the Radisson hotel.

It was way different than I expected. I know there wasn't a ton of room where they had everyone, but they had mostly DJ's & photographers (both of which we already have). There was only 2 florists (one I got a bouquet that they had as a sampler! Pictures are below), 2 bakeries (I picked that out too), a couple registries, stationary places, tuxedo places (which makes you put $10 when I don't even know what Josh wants to do about that yet), some photobooths (which would be AWESOME but they are sooo expensive we won't be doing them) and a few other vendors-nothing extremely interesting. We'll be going to a couple more shows-in October & January there are expos, and a spring bridal show in March. Maybe I'll win a prize at one of those!

(As soon as I saw one person with a bouquet, I ran back to their area so I could make sure I got this bouquet! It's close to what I want!)
Here are some other bouquets I saw that I liked:

I didn't win any door prizes, but I did get a 2nd free class at Move Studios! I'm excited! Their website doesn't have much information on it yet though-I would like to see some prices so I could possible go there regularly. I'll have to call & find out when I can go in! They have belly dancing, pilates, yoga & some other cool dance things-and they do bridal party choreographed dances! Which would be so fun to do!

I have a ton of information to go through-which will sit in a pile along with everything else I have to go through-ugh-I really hate this whole school thing! It's taking away from time to do wedding planning-I have a ton to organize and go through. My binder's just overflowing!

Well-I think it's about time I go back to my homework. I'm about done with my project for the girls-but I'll post that stuff up after the get together on October 9th! We'll be doing our nails! :)

I'll also write about the proposal-I know I haven't done that yet. I'll do that soon-in the next couple days & give you something a little more interesting to read :)

Did you have any luck winning prizes at bridal shows?

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