Wednesday, September 23, 2009

325: So We Know Where You Got the Ideas...

...but where do you get the supplies?

Well, I'll tell you!! Now, this post really won't have any pictures. I know. I really hate when there aren't any either, but I'm just showing you where I buy stuff from. I promise-I'll show more pictures soon!

I figured that I would write a little about the craft sites/stores that I've been using that I love! I'll talk a little bit about my project for the girls, but still want to wait until they receive them (I'm thinking October 9th at my get together, but may decide to mail before then :) ).

I wrote last week about sources of inspiration, but here's where I've been finding my supplies:
  • WeddingBee is a great source for my supplies. There is a classifieds section, where I've bought lots of things :)
  • JoAnn Fabric, Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin (this is just a local craft store-no website): I've gotten some supplies there. Some ribbon, paper punches, gazebos, felt (for another BM project)-small things like that. (Gotta love all of the coupons they send out!)
  • Walmart-I've gotten lots of stamps, some ribbon, blank greeting cards, and still planning on getting more from there, depending on what I end up doing.
  • Paper Source: while I haven't gotten anything from here (it's mad expensive here!), there are a lot of cute things here that I would LOVE to get, but don't have the money- I do look for similar things in other stores..which leads me to my next place
  • Paper and More: I really love this website! I've gotten parts to my girl's first project here- you can buy in bundles, or you can buy samples, and with samples, shipping is $1-no matter how much you buy! A picture of the part of the project:

That's where I've gotten most of my supplies from so far. I can't wait to finish the project & give it to all the girls so I can post about it!! I'm waiting for some more paper that I bought yesterday-it turns out, I didn't want to cut cardstock down to the right size when I could get it in the size I want! :)

Soon I'll right about the engagement! This weekend I'll be going dress shopping with Bridesmaid P, and going to a bridal show!

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