Sunday, September 20, 2009

328: How the Dog Got Her Nickname

When we left off, we had just brought Daisy home from Lollypop Farm. The next part will be a little about adapting to a new dog. 

WARNING: There are a couple graphic pictures of bodily functions.

Daisy loves to run around & give kisses. She's a happy dog most of the time, but it wasn't always good. It's hard being first time pet parents! Daisy was quite a handful after we brought her home. She didn't listen, and if you leave her alone, she'll tear apart everything in her sight. Our first day, we left her in Josh's room and she destroyed things he had laying around, so we got her a crate. That wasn't any better. She would only bark and work herself up, and if she was left long enough, this would happen:

Yes, that's poop. She poops in her crate if she's left in it for over a half an hour. This has earned her her nickname 'Pooper'. She has really bad separation anxiety. We've worked around this, and leave her outside on the chain or leave her upstairs with the lights off, the barking collar on, and give her some rescue remedy & her anxiety medicine. We've gotten it to work for us, even though it's a huge pain!

We had to take her to obedience school (Lollypop made us), so we took her to Animal Behavior Specialists and she got first place (out of two that day, but still!) on her test. She got a nice 1st place ribbon. Graduation also happened to be on her first birthday! After obedience school, she's been a much better dog. I highly recommend taking your dog to obedience school if they need to learn basic commands. ABS was amazing, and I would go there again if I get the chance.

We had Daisy a year this past May 31. I threw her a party with all of her friends. She turned 2 on August 11th, and we got her a kong and a shirt, and she even got a treat from McDonald's.

(Her shirt says 'Little Princess')

Daisy brought Josh & I a lot closer over the past year, bringing me to spend more and more time at his house to take care of her. Daisy has come such a long way in the past year, and I am soo proud to call her my dog. She loves her mommy & daddy too. :)

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