Saturday, September 19, 2009

329: Our Decision for a Baby...

...a furbaby!!

We're getting closer to the 300 mark! Yay!!

I finally have some time to tell y'all about the baby (well-I'm kind of procrastinating studying for my 3 tests this week :P).

Josh & I first talked about getting a dog in March of 2008 at a leader's retreat we had. C (our officiant) brought his dog, Slithy, along on the trip, and Josh was playing around with her. He mentioned that he'd like to get a dog & that his dad even mentioned having another dog around (a big shock). So I was talking to Josh about kinds of dogs we would like- I really wanted a Shar-Pei (the wrinkly ones)

& he wanted a lab or a big dog like Slithy (she's a lab mix):

We talked & figured that the dog would be living with Josh, so the dog would be closer to him. I didn't want my Shar-Pei to be closer to him :) so we talked about dogs like labs or German Shepards. My requirement was that I didn't want it to be black since Slithy, my uncle's dog & my cousin's dog all are black dogs. I wanted something different (haha because that's how I am). We kind of dropped it for a while, and at the end of May I was watching channel 10, who features an animal once a week from Lollypop Farm (the local shelter). This week they featured a German Shepard, so I called Josh and we drove down to Lollypop Farms (a 45 minute drive one way) and found that the dog had been adopted earlier in the day. We wondered around and looked at some dogs, picked a few that we were interested in, passing up puppies, and a dog walking around in it's poop (it was a cutie, but Josh said we can't get that one), but the person helping us said they wouldn't be good dogs for our needs, and she had a dog in mind.

She brought the dog out, and I saw it was the one that was walking in it's own poop. She told us that this dog has been to Lollypop twice, once because the owner didn't have the money for her, and once when a family said they didn't have the time for her, and said all she did was tear things apart (they left her outside for hours a day, all alone). The lady left so Josh & I could talk about the dog. We tried playing with her, but she would only look at the ball when we threw it to her. She sniffed around a while as we talked about how she was the one in the poopy crate. We eventually decided to get her, but we needed on of his parents to come down and sign papers, because we were both under 21. So we went home, and the next day, May 31, we went back with his mom to bring home the dog.

Part 2 comes tomorrow!

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