Tuesday, September 15, 2009

333: We're Stylin'

Yesterday was our 11 months left marker!!!

...yes...I am excited :)

  • WeddingBee: my FAVORITE one by far-I'm quite an addict. It has real brides blogging about their way to their wedding. There's a DIY section along with boards (among tons of other things) for tips & inspirations!
  • TheKnot or Wedding Channel are good for etiquette or ideas. There are a lot of inspiration pictures.
  • Martha Stewart wedding section is good for different ideas. I love the magazine & some of the ideas are expensive, but it's fun to look & I found some ideas I could modify.
  • Brides Magazine is a site I've recently been on, but haven't really done much with. I click on the links on their e-mails, but haven't explored too much yet.
I'm pretty sure that's all I use somewhat regularly-I click on links off of websites & go onto dozens of other sites, but these have been the most useful :) Next time I'll write about the Daisdais & keep going with more projects-I'll start the thing for the girls once I get all of my supplies in. Then I can actually start & blog about it!

So, I know I was going to write about Daisy next, but I am currently at school, without pictures of her (some are on the phone), and I didn't want to write something too long today. So instead, I'll just list some of the websites that I've been using most for planning! I know, it's not too exciting or long, but it might interest someone :) Now, I haven't had a ton of time to find many or really look at some websites that could probably be real useful, but here are the ones that I'm currently using for planning (I might do a craft list sometime later):

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