Saturday, September 12, 2009

336: The Beginning of the Rest of Our Lives

It started wayyy back in October 2003. We were both sophomores in high school at the time, and there was a movie night one Friday night at my church, which also included Josh's church, who had a band playing before the movie. There were less than 15 people there between our two youth groups, and everyone from his was in the band! I was with standing with JJ when we were singing & I noticed that the drummer was pretty cute! All through the movie I couldn't get him out of my head through the whole movie (I was staring part of the time...not gonna lie). 

When I went back to school on Monday, I noticed that cute drummer in one of my classes! I actually sat like two seats behind him too! Even better, I saw he was in band with me too! By about December all my friends (& the band teacher) knew I had a little crush on the drummer (in case you didn't's Josh :P). When my church was going to have a "lock-in" in January at the bowling alley, I jumped at the chance at inviting his youth group to go to that event as well. That event came & unfortunately, his church was at once end of the alley, while mine was at the other. A friend of ours who we invited & Josh knew, kept trying to get Josh to hang out down by our end, but it didn't exactly happen, although we did get to play euchere together (I'm not the best player-I just play for fun...but he plays to win haha- I actually think he was surprised I knew how to play.)

After that night, we began IMing each other, and started talking a little more, and he even would walk me to my bus. He eventually said once we knew each other a little better, he would ask me out on our Yorktown trip for band, which was about February 27th. (How romantic!) Well, he was going to be going to Florida over winter break (the middle of February) and was going to miss JJ's birthday party (I was quite dissapointed). 

*Below is a picture of when students from Yorktown came here to visit. I think it's the first picture of us together as BF & GF!*

But, Saturday February 14th, I got a phone call from Josh on his way down to Florida. He asked if anyone had been there yet (after JJ already called and asked if anything came in the mail for me-which nothing did-he told her he would send me a letter in the mail that would arrive on Valentine's Day), and no one had. He was shocked because he called at noon, and Brother M had to be at work at noon! Eventually M came to the house & delivered three heart balloons, a rose and a violet plant, and a note saying "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I would love, to go out with you" :) It was really cute! & of course I told him yes. Unfortunately, I had to wait a week until I could actually see him as my boyfriend, since he was all the way in Florida.

And that's how we started dating, and how Valentine's day became our day. Next time I'll write a little bit more about us getting Daisy & how that led us to getting engaged!

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