Saturday, October 31, 2009

287: Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween (and putting of writing my paper a little bit longer), I decided to look up for some inspiration for a Halloween wedding! I didn't talk about having guests dress up in costumes, but I have heard of that idea!

Friday, October 30, 2009

288: Fitness Friday #2

This week's Fitness Friday:

Sorry I'm writing this real late in the day (I have about 20 minutes until it's no longer Friday).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

290: Wedding Wednesday #1

We're at 290 days!! Time is just flying by!! Something to be excited about when the weather is pouring rain.

This is going to be a 3 part post-10 trends will be going up over the next 3 weeks!

Today I'll be looking at some of the new trends that brides are incorporating into their weddings. There are lots of new trends, and as a "traditional" couple (mostly J, but we're not way modern or way old school), it's hard to get him to take some of this stuff seriously. I would love to jump on board and use some of these trends if they were all in my style!

Monday, October 26, 2009

292b: Music Monday #1 (WP Processional)

So, here's the first of many Music Mondays! I didn't have enough time to go around looking for some cool music today. I have so much homework. :( So, instead of looking around for some cool things right now, I'll do my obvious choice for a processional. This processional won't be for me, but for the girls and guys to walk down the aisle to. I'm still deciding on a processional for grandparents & parents, but I know what the WP will be walking to!

292a: I love contests!

I'll be posting my first Music Monday post later today, but I came across a contest today that I just HAD to post about!! Contests are so fun to enter & try to win, I've entered in 2 this week.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

293: I do some proposing

I'm taking a short break from homework to put up another post. I'm currently unsure of what I want to post about this time. I think I'll post my Bridesmaid's Cards! I decided to try to do a Wedding Wednesday, along with my Music Monday & Fitness Friday, so this should belong there, but I wanted to post on that now. That's where I'll post projects & inspiration. Any other day that I post (that's not MWF) will be something general, or if I come up with something important that can't wait.

So, after I got engaged, Josh & I took some time to figure out who we wanted to be in our Wedding Party. After we decided, we asked our honor attendants to go to dinner/lunch with each separately, and asked them there, and the others were asked in person or over the phone/via Facebook, depending on how we were able to do it. All 12 said yes, and our 3 child attendants "agreed" to be in the wedding too. (The flower girl was the only one I was able to talk to and ask and get a real answer.) I thought it would be nice to ask them a little more formally, especially after seeing some ideas online.
Now, one of the girls hasn't gotten the card yet, but I'll post it up anyways. Bridesmaid S: don't look at this post until after I see you!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

295: Fitness Friday #1


Here's the first of (hopefully) many Fitness Friday! In each Fitness Friday I'll do a weigh in & measurements, and then give another idea or exercise at fitness! I'll try and throw in some food ideas (recipes) in some too. So weigh-in #1:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

296: Follow the Leader

I just wanted to write in quick & let you know that I have had a great day on WeddingBee!

I am now a Busy Bee, meaning I have over 500 posts!! I was quite excited to find that I have that many posts in about 3 months! It's amazing! I ♥ my WB!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

298b: Gifting the Girls: Part 1

So, before I start writing at all, I'm putting out a warning: my girls CAN NOT look at this post! So don't open it until after August 14th 2010 or I'll be really really mad.

I decided to write a little bit about part of the gift I'm getting my girls. (I'll put off the vases & cards for another couple posts. I still need to finish the vases a little bit first) This is only part of their gift, and I'll be posting on the entire gift as we get closer & I'll be giving it to them.

298a:Shredding Can Be Fun!

No, not that kind of shredding!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

300: I Thought I Could Get Stuff Done?

This weekend was a long weekend for me, it's my mid-semester break. So naturally, I thought I could get a ton of work done over a 4 day weekend. I think I thought wrong. I haven't really done anything. I take that back. I have done stuff, just not everything I was planning on.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

301: Wedding Abbreviations

So, since I have about 10-15 minutes to post before I go to Move Studios in Brighton, I thought I'd put up a quick post on something I've wanted to do: wedding abbreviations! It takes some getting used to all of these abbreviations, and even 8 months later, I sometimes have to stop & think or check to see what some are. So here are some abbreviations, you can come back & check them out anytime you need to! I'm putting on as many as I can find, but will italicize the ones that will most likely be used the most by me. Some are used more in blogs/message boards (I may not use FI too much here, but I use it a lot in message boards). Hope this helps when you're browsing around!

Wedding Abbreviations:


Friday, October 16, 2009

302b: The Color Swatch Book Arrives!

So, the other exciting thing that I got was my color swatch book! I don't think I posted about this earlier (I didn't see it right now) but I went to a color reader just before my birthday, and found out what I "should" wear & decorate my house like (we'll use them as guide lines). It was awesome finding colors that looked really good on me! I found out that I am a true summer, but she didn't have any true summer color swatch books left (I personally thought she should keep one of each style on hand, just in case, but, whatever), so she had to order it & mail it to me. It took almost 2 weeks, but it finally came yesterday!!

302a: Easels Found!

I posted before about looking for easels for table numbers (you can go here to see that post), well, I found some! Josh & I went to the Dollar Store yesterday when he came up to get some things for his dad, I got picked up & went to a second lunch (I know, tisk, tisk), and we went on over to the Dollar Store, I was intending to look at some glass items they had to see if they had anything I wanted for a candy buffet (they didn't, at least in the store). While we were moseying around, I came across some picture holders that could work for holding table names! I decided to buy a pack & see what happened when I put my mats on them:

The Miami Dolphins blanket that I took the picture on is amazing! Don't Judge!

Here's the horizontal

Here's the vertical

Aren't they cute? (There are 2 in a package) It pretty much matches what I've wanted! They are a little small, but it does the trick. I think we'll have to put some kind of backing on them so they don't sit weird on the holder, but I think it looks cute! Those aren't the exact color mats we're using, I'm going to spray paint them all silver.

So, after seeing this, I ended up going back to the Dollar Store today & bough 14 more packs! Who can go wrong for spending $15 on all of these!? I'm quite happy with my find! :)

Did you find anything for your decor unexpectedly?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

305: Adding Cool Features

So, in trying to make this blog a little more interesting, I'd like to try to add some cool features to my blog. I've seen different wedding blogs have one day a week where they do a project (or some kind of DIY feature), or post a song that they might play during the reception or ceremony. I really love this idea! The only problem is figuring out which of these I want to do (yes, I know I can do more than one), and if I'll have enough time to find things that I can post once a week (or somethings on this list could even be once a month).

Monday, October 12, 2009

306: Moving to Blogspot!

Hey everyone!

Just letting you know that I've moved from tumblr to blogspot! I'll copy over a few of my important posts over here (and I'll make them post the same day they were posted over on tumblr, which means anything from tumblr is before this post, so it goes in chronological order, otherwise it would annoy me).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

308: 'Maids Night In

So I have had such a busy week & haven't had any time to write on here at all! :( I've tried to cut back on doing wedding stuff the last couple weeks because I've had soooo much homework to do.

Friday, I got home from school, had to finish the girl's project (which I'll post soon! I can almost do it! One girl still needs to get it!), and rush out to Bridesmaid AM's house to get ready for Maid's Night In!! All but one was able to come (we missed Bridesmaid S a ton) and we got to enjoy a massage from a girl from Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks on Buffalo Rd. She brought her chair & we each got massages & they were AMAZING!!!!! We had Chinese for dinner (yummy LoMein, Sweet & Sour Chicken & Sesame Chicken), had foot baths, did paraffin on our hands and painted our nails. We even got to paint pumpkins! Here are some of my art skills:

We enjoyed having Hunter (who may find a home!), who made friends with MOH AB, BMs AG & P. Here's Hunter with MOH AB:

So after leaving with BM P at 11ish PM, we got lost took a little detour while taking her home. It really wasn't fun driving home. It was dark & rainy & hard to see the lines. But, I made it home safely around 12:30/1 AM and went right to bed.

Hopefully I'll be a little less busy & will be able to post some more inspiration & DIY stuff soon! I'm really anxious to do it! Next weekend is a 4 day weekend for me, so I'll have time to organize & clean up a bit around my room, do some homework/papers & get posting some more inspiration!

Did the first meetings of your bridal party go well?

Friday, October 2, 2009

316: Holding Our Table Names

So, since my class got canceled (after we went in and had attendance taken-ugh), I was trying to figure out what to look up for wedding ideas! I came across a classified add on Weddingbee for easels for place settings-which is what I've really wanted to do since I've figured out how we're doing our table numbers, which I'll write about another time. There are a few different styles out there for easels:

I like the first three best. I really like the one from Save-on-Crafts. That one looks quite fancy- but I think it's about $5 each? And for about 23-25 tables, that's a TON of money. I won't be buying those. I do like that style though. I was reading some boards & people saw some easels at Michaels and Walmart-I think they might be this last style, but I'll be going to Michaels tomorrow, so I can always check it out.

I'm not sure what color I'd like them. I think I'd like black best. The frames for the table numbers will be either silver or white-I think silver. Silver easels might be a little much.

What are some really small details that you just have to have?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

317: Catching the Tears

I have some time between classes today to share some inspiration with you!

Today's inspiration:
(All images were found in Google search)

Tears of Joy Tissue Packets!

I ordered some stuff to see how I want to do them. I got samples of vellum paper, and 2 sized vellum envelopes.

These are soo cute! I'll hopefully try & work on them this weekend. This month is going to be busy, so we'll see. I just love these though!

UPDATE 11/20: I never got around to making these using different paper, but I did buy Martha Stewart Eyelet Confetti Pouches from Walmart for under $5-a pack of 20. I'm thinking that might be a good number? Maybe I can try making some out of what I have. I'll be fixing  up the confetti pouches some. I'll show you when I do!

Did you have tissue packets?