Saturday, October 31, 2009

287: Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween (and putting of writing my paper a little bit longer), I decided to look up for some inspiration for a Halloween wedding! I didn't talk about having guests dress up in costumes, but I have heard of that idea!

To start off, here are a couple of inspiration boards:



This could end up really cute!! Pumpkins would be a really cute accent to everything: from centerpieces to aisle liners to place card holders!

There are a few options you could do for a Halloween wedding color-wise: oranges, purples, or reds. My favorite would be the oranges, so I'll post more about that, but purple would look cute too! (I googled all of the pictures).

They could all wear black dresses with orange accents (or purple or red) for their dresses, or an orange dress with black accents. Accents would be sash, hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, or flowers.


They could have an orange or purple vest/tie to go along since they'll most likely be wearing black tuxes/suits.

Bouquets & flowers could include black and orange (or purple) flowers:

The jewelry, hair accessories & garter could fit this theme:


So here are a couple of cakes, I really like the ones that are in the inspiration boards above, but here are some more:

Here are some links for some other cool ideas for a Halloween wedding:

Have you ever been to a Halloween wedding?


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