Sunday, October 25, 2009

293: I do some proposing

I'm taking a short break from homework to put up another post. I'm currently unsure of what I want to post about this time. I think I'll post my Bridesmaid's Cards! I decided to try to do a Wedding Wednesday, along with my Music Monday & Fitness Friday, so this should belong there, but I wanted to post on that now. That's where I'll post projects & inspiration. Any other day that I post (that's not MWF) will be something general, or if I come up with something important that can't wait.

So, after I got engaged, Josh & I took some time to figure out who we wanted to be in our Wedding Party. After we decided, we asked our honor attendants to go to dinner/lunch with each separately, and asked them there, and the others were asked in person or over the phone/via Facebook, depending on how we were able to do it. All 12 said yes, and our 3 child attendants "agreed" to be in the wedding too. (The flower girl was the only one I was able to talk to and ask and get a real answer.) I thought it would be nice to ask them a little more formally, especially after seeing some ideas online.
Now, one of the girls hasn't gotten the card yet, but I'll post it up anyways. Bridesmaid S: don't look at this post until after I see you!!

I first found this from Mrs. Lightning on WeddingBee, who saw a similar project here.

This is Mrs. Lightning's Card:

And these two are from Elise's blog:

I really wanted to copy Elise's idea, but all of the materials she used was from Paper Source, and their materials are kind of expensive for me, so I changed it up some and got materials from Paper and More, and went for another look. I did use all of her wording, so check hers for that.

I first bought A2 pocket-fold envelopes, 2 different vellum envelopes (I couldn't decide which to use), and card stock (which I later bought A2 sized card stock instead).

The materials

I then put some stamps on the cards:

I stamped the insides with a gazebo & their initial, and the back with a daisy, and "Created by PMJ," which will go on the back of all stationary that I make (as of right now). The front I didn't take a picture of (or can't find one), but it has flourishes, a daisy in the center (a package from Walmart), and "Will You Be My Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor?"

I then made some information to put on the inside. I used Elise's outline, and just changed it around a bit. After I printed them out (which was a whole other problem-I printed out 4 MOH's instead of 4 BM's, and when I went to re-print the BM's, the printer was running out of ink. When I started printing for real, I kept messing up and wasted about half of the package of paper!), I used a hole punch in the corner and tied ribbon in my colors, and put it in the pocket.

Here's the final product:

I really hate that I had to blur out the names, but I would prefer not to use names, since I haven't really asked them. I'm fine with not, but I made it so pretty!! I printed out their names on a piece of paper, and traced them on the envelopes a couple times.

So that's the first project I've done for the wedding!!! That's 5/6 cards, one I still need to give, who was unable to make it to the get together, because she lives in Virginia. :(

Look forward for more projects!

Did you propose to your bridal party in a special way?


  1. What a great idea! I wish I had found something like this for my card idea. I posted about my proposal to my BM's here:

    They loved it...I think it's so great when brides put that extra thought into asking the ladies to be a part of your special day. I told my recently engaged friend I could help her find some great ways to ask her girls to be bridesmaids and she said she didn't want to do anyting like that...was just going to call and ask them. (Ugh) Bor-ing! I couldn't believe it but to each her own I guess :)

  2. Wow, these are amazing! You put a lot of effort into these, I bet they felt so special.


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