Tuesday, October 20, 2009

298b: Gifting the Girls: Part 1

So, before I start writing at all, I'm putting out a warning: my girls CAN NOT look at this post! So don't open it until after August 14th 2010 or I'll be really really mad.

I decided to write a little bit about part of the gift I'm getting my girls. (I'll put off the vases & cards for another couple posts. I still need to finish the vases a little bit first) This is only part of their gift, and I'll be posting on the entire gift as we get closer & I'll be giving it to them.

I got these on ebay, a site I really love to shop on. I got them from themonkeykingnw & beautygirl-cn. 

I figured they could use the jewelry roll to keep the wedding day jewelry in for the wedding, and then take it along when they travel! I got them in their favorite colors, so hopefully they'll like them!

The cosmetic bag I thought was really cute. I'm hoping it's something they can use, that they don't have too many of them, but if they only use it for the wedding day to bring touch up make-up, it wasn't horribly expensive. I think it's really cute.

I'm planning a few other things for them: they'll be getting a bag from cheap totes & I'll be filling it up with goodies for them!!

Hopefully I can have an idea day as part of one of the features. I can do music, ideas (including ideas for the wedding, useful things or gifts for the bridal party/SO) & fitness! That sounds like it'll be pretty good! As we get closer I can switch out the ideas for the DIY or actual things we're doing!! Yay! It's finally going to start coming together!!

Did you find parts (or all) of your presents for the WP really easily?

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