Saturday, October 17, 2009

301: Wedding Abbreviations

So, since I have about 10-15 minutes to post before I go to Move Studios in Brighton, I thought I'd put up a quick post on something I've wanted to do: wedding abbreviations! It takes some getting used to all of these abbreviations, and even 8 months later, I sometimes have to stop & think or check to see what some are. So here are some abbreviations, you can come back & check them out anytime you need to! I'm putting on as many as I can find, but will italicize the ones that will most likely be used the most by me. Some are used more in blogs/message boards (I may not use FI too much here, but I use it a lot in message boards). Hope this helps when you're browsing around!

Wedding Abbreviations:


BF: Boyfriend, Best Friend 

DH: Dear Husband
DW: Dear Wife (DW can also be Destination Wedding. Context is key.)

FH: Future Husband
FI: Fiance 

FW: Future Wife
GF: Girlfriend 

SO: Significant Other

Wedding Party

BM: Bridesmaid or Best Man 

BP: Bridal Party or Bachelor(ette) Party
FG: Flower Girl 

GM: Groomsman
MOH: Maid of Honor

MC: Master/Mistress of Ceremonies
RB: Ring Bearer

WP: Wedding Party or Wedding Planner


BIL: Brother-in-law

FBIL: Future Brother-in-law 

FFIL: Future Father-in-law
FIL: Father-in-law 

FMIL: Future Mother-in-law
FOB: Father of the Bride
FOG: Father of the Groom 

FSIL: Future Sister-in-law 

FSD: Future Stepdaughter 

FSS: Future Stepson
GP: Grandparent IL: In-Law

MOB: Mother of the Bride 

MOG: Mother of the Groom
MIL: Mother-in-law
SIL: Sister-in-law


CM: Catering manager

CP: Centerpiece

DOC: “Day Of” Coordinator (A wedding planner hired for just the wedding day.)

EP, E-Party: Engagement Party
ER, E-Ring: Engagement Ring

E-Pics: Engagement Pictures
DIY: Do It Yourself
GTG: Get Together 

HM: Honeymoon

JP: Justice of the Peace
STD: Save The Date
OOT: Out Of Town [guests]

PF: Pocketfold, pocket fold (a type of invitation with a pocket)

RD: Rehersal Dinner
TMI: Too Much Information
IM(H)O: In My (Humble) Opinion

TIA: Thanks In Advance

TY: Thank you (or thank you cards)
WR: Wedding ring
WW: Weight Watchers

Blog/Message Board
HTH: Hope That Helps
NWR: Not Wedding Related

PIB: Picture in Bio (specific to theknot)

RP: Repost

SWR: Somewhat Wedding Related

XP: Cross Post (specific to theknot)

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