Friday, October 16, 2009

302a: Easels Found!

I posted before about looking for easels for table numbers (you can go here to see that post), well, I found some! Josh & I went to the Dollar Store yesterday when he came up to get some things for his dad, I got picked up & went to a second lunch (I know, tisk, tisk), and we went on over to the Dollar Store, I was intending to look at some glass items they had to see if they had anything I wanted for a candy buffet (they didn't, at least in the store). While we were moseying around, I came across some picture holders that could work for holding table names! I decided to buy a pack & see what happened when I put my mats on them:

The Miami Dolphins blanket that I took the picture on is amazing! Don't Judge!

Here's the horizontal

Here's the vertical

Aren't they cute? (There are 2 in a package) It pretty much matches what I've wanted! They are a little small, but it does the trick. I think we'll have to put some kind of backing on them so they don't sit weird on the holder, but I think it looks cute! Those aren't the exact color mats we're using, I'm going to spray paint them all silver.

So, after seeing this, I ended up going back to the Dollar Store today & bough 14 more packs! Who can go wrong for spending $15 on all of these!? I'm quite happy with my find! :)

Did you find anything for your decor unexpectedly?

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