Tuesday, October 13, 2009

305: Adding Cool Features

So, in trying to make this blog a little more interesting, I'd like to try to add some cool features to my blog. I've seen different wedding blogs have one day a week where they do a project (or some kind of DIY feature), or post a song that they might play during the reception or ceremony. I really love this idea! The only problem is figuring out which of these I want to do (yes, I know I can do more than one), and if I'll have enough time to find things that I can post once a week (or somethings on this list could even be once a month).
I've come up with a small list of features I can choose from:

  • Music
  • Projects (which I don't have yet)
  • Inspiration (which should be done anyways)
  • Flowers/Cake (a detail of some sort that I'm trying to decide on-it sounds good in my head!)-Could be once a month
  • Budget ideas
  • Readings-Could probably be once a month
  • Fitness journey
  • Recipes

I think that's all I can think of for now :) I'm kind of winging it-so that's just what I came up with right now.

Oh! I did make a wedding website last night! I do have one on theknot and wedding channel, but I wanted something that could include everything instead of recommending one site, but having two. Most of the websites are all the same, but oh well. So here it is: our wedding website!

I'm done for now, so go check it out! Let me know what you think about it & if I need anything added or taken away (it is a work in progress, and did just make it last night, so I know it's not completely perfect...yet). I promise next time I'll have pictures & things to make this a little easier on the eyes!

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