Monday, October 12, 2009

306: Moving to Blogspot!

Hey everyone!

Just letting you know that I've moved from tumblr to blogspot! I'll copy over a few of my important posts over here (and I'll make them post the same day they were posted over on tumblr, which means anything from tumblr is before this post, so it goes in chronological order, otherwise it would annoy me).

So, all of the preceding posts will be from the other Countdown to 8/14 site! Hopefully the rest of my posts will actually be somewhat interesting to you & I can find some time to start writing about projects, inspiration & the style of the wedding!!
When I have time later this week or next week I'll move the posts over here! I'll be doing homework & studying the next couple of days, so it will probably be closer to the weekend, unless I happen to find some time (which I doubt-school does come first and there's always something I could be doing whether I like it or not).

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