Saturday, October 10, 2009

308: 'Maids Night In

So I have had such a busy week & haven't had any time to write on here at all! :( I've tried to cut back on doing wedding stuff the last couple weeks because I've had soooo much homework to do.

Friday, I got home from school, had to finish the girl's project (which I'll post soon! I can almost do it! One girl still needs to get it!), and rush out to Bridesmaid AM's house to get ready for Maid's Night In!! All but one was able to come (we missed Bridesmaid S a ton) and we got to enjoy a massage from a girl from Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks on Buffalo Rd. She brought her chair & we each got massages & they were AMAZING!!!!! We had Chinese for dinner (yummy LoMein, Sweet & Sour Chicken & Sesame Chicken), had foot baths, did paraffin on our hands and painted our nails. We even got to paint pumpkins! Here are some of my art skills:

We enjoyed having Hunter (who may find a home!), who made friends with MOH AB, BMs AG & P. Here's Hunter with MOH AB:

So after leaving with BM P at 11ish PM, we got lost took a little detour while taking her home. It really wasn't fun driving home. It was dark & rainy & hard to see the lines. But, I made it home safely around 12:30/1 AM and went right to bed.

Hopefully I'll be a little less busy & will be able to post some more inspiration & DIY stuff soon! I'm really anxious to do it! Next weekend is a 4 day weekend for me, so I'll have time to organize & clean up a bit around my room, do some homework/papers & get posting some more inspiration!

Did the first meetings of your bridal party go well?

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