Friday, October 2, 2009

316: Holding Our Table Names

So, since my class got canceled (after we went in and had attendance taken-ugh), I was trying to figure out what to look up for wedding ideas! I came across a classified add on Weddingbee for easels for place settings-which is what I've really wanted to do since I've figured out how we're doing our table numbers, which I'll write about another time. There are a few different styles out there for easels:

I like the first three best. I really like the one from Save-on-Crafts. That one looks quite fancy- but I think it's about $5 each? And for about 23-25 tables, that's a TON of money. I won't be buying those. I do like that style though. I was reading some boards & people saw some easels at Michaels and Walmart-I think they might be this last style, but I'll be going to Michaels tomorrow, so I can always check it out.

I'm not sure what color I'd like them. I think I'd like black best. The frames for the table numbers will be either silver or white-I think silver. Silver easels might be a little much.

What are some really small details that you just have to have?

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