Monday, September 7, 2009

341: There's a First For Everything...

...and this time it's PRESENTS!!! :)

I'm back!
Yesterday was my brother T's 18th birthday so after church we had his party, then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (which was really good), and then over to Josh's family's Labor Day party for a little.
Yesterday my grandparents brought down a table my grandpa won in some lottery type thing at a gun raffle I believe. It's really cute! It's a little serving table that Josh & I will be able to use for the 2 of us until we need a bigger table (at least 5 years from now), and then after we'll be able to use it as a serving table and counter space! Right now I'll be using it for storage & shelving for my wedding stuff! I love it!

Josh & I with our first present & new kitchen table!!

I don't think anything else wedding related happened in the last 2 days. Other than that I've just done the Will Ferrell-a-thon Saturday night & T's bday stuff. We only got to watch 3 movies- Bewitched, Anchorman & Step Brothers- We have like 3 left. We really didn't NEED to watch Anchorman-but it's everyone's favorite. :)

Today I'll be enjoying a day off & making space for the table! Hopefully J & I can watch some of The Office we borrowed, & we'll be having hot dogs & tater salad tonight!! My favorite-well, the salad! :) Tomorrow's back to another week of school- I'll try to keep writing!

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