Saturday, September 5, 2009

343: Taking Her Home! (Still No Pictures)

So we came back from Alfred Angelo a couple hours ago with the dress!!! I'm super excited, but now we're trying to clean up places to put it somewhere! I should really get started on that & cleaning out the closet. We got approved for the credit card too, which is really exciting! We can use it on anything we get there! It was so weird to try on MY dress. I was trying to be really careful so nothing would happen. I'll have to get a slip too-which I'll be looking around for. I've seen some online-I just didn't know what size to get for me. I guess I have somewhat of an idea. We'll see! I have some time to worry about the slip--only about until April when we start the whole alteration part-which I'm trying to figure out how much I want them to do & how much I want my FMIL to do. We'll see on that too.

I have some organizing to do still-but I should probably clean out the closet first-if I can get around to it. Will Ferrell-a-thon pt 2 is tonight! So I'll be there from like 5:30-I go to bed. Tim's birthday is tomorrow & I have all Monday to do stuff! And I still have some homework to I'll do that first. I should get moving now so I can get as much done as I can. :)

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