Friday, September 4, 2009

344: It's Mine! Finally! (No Pics)

I can't believe I forgot to mention something yesterday!!!!
Alfred Angelo called last friday or saturday & said MY DRESS IS IN!!!! (No pictures of this going around until the wedding day)

While this news is soooooo exciting & I'm really really exicted about it, I still have 300 some days til I need it for alterations & such! We probably won't be able to store it at the store, and we really don't have much room to keep a dress for the next 300 days! While I'm sooo excited to go try on MY dress on Saturday, I can't help to be a little sad about the fact that it's going to be a burden for the next 300 days. We also don't know if they'll hold on to it longer to do alterations, but I don't want to do any until way closer to the wedding.

Now, if you're wondering WHY we have this dress sooo early, it's because for about 4 months we were looking for dresses, and Alfred Angelo was one of the first places we looked, and signed up for sales & promos & such. While I was going back & forth between dressses and  stores, we haven't once seen a really good sale at Alfred Angelo (besides like $100 off). So when we saw a $300 sale, we thought this would be the only one, since in 4 months we haven't seen anything that good. When we bought my dress they said it would take about 3 months (of course it came in 2), so we were a little relieved it would take some time. The problem is, after we bought the dress, week after week we've been getting notices of more $300 sales!! So we could've waited & still got the sale! (But, you know, with my luck if we waited there wouldn't have been another sale & the price would have gone way up too).

So it's a weird feeling-being super excited about MY dress, but dissapointed that it's a burden for now. I'll let you know after tomorrow how the first fitting goes!! :)

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