Thursday, September 3, 2009

345: Excuses, Excuses

So I'm almost done with the first week of classes for the semester! Too bad there's 14 more weeks left!

For the most part the classes aren't too bad--it's just the schedule...

Most of the classes I need to take are only offered MWF, with no sections offered my MWF has 5 straight classes from 9:30am-3:30pm. & I have only one TR class from 3-4:30pm--so I'm working all day with my work study money.

I'll also start working out either in the morning or in the afternoon-I'm thinking I like working out in the morning so I can get it done with & work longer. There's also not many people there in the morning-I'd be there from like 8-8:30ish am. I think during the lunch hour (or from 11am-2pm when it's open) will be a lot busier. It'll probably also depend on the time I get there on how busy it is-so I will most likely stick with the morning. Yay for starting a work out plan for the wedding! I just wish it was more than 2 days a week...I'll actually have to motivate myself to do some work here on top of homework, wedding, and TurningPoint (youth group) stuff. We'll see how that does--I'll probably just recruit the boy into helping me one day a week :) haha.

So that's how I'm doing so far-I'm having a hard time getting into reading for classes-as I spend most of my time on facebook or weddingbee (my new FAVORITE website) :) instead of actually doing work. It's something I've been doing at work too. My problem is that I keep looking for more ideas to do for the wedding--even though I have a ways to go until it would even make sense to think about making some of these projects...but I guess I'll have plenty of ideas :) I can't wait until I can do more--I think in November I can see if there's things I can start doing. That would be pretty cool! I'll have to look at the check lists I have.

I am going to make myself a giant master checklist (an idea I saw on weddingbee-from Miss Cloud) to keep myself organized. I LOVED it! I can't wait until I can apply to be a bee in December! Hopefully I'll be accepted. I know it's not very positive..but I'm not exactly counting on it the first time-I've read that lots of people aren't accepted the first time & I'm not the biggest blogger yet. I'm really trying to work on though-I mean-look at this blog compared to the others I've written. I'm really trying to become a better blogger so I can be accepted as a bee because it would be soo awesome! I've stolen used so many of the bee's ideas that I would just love to give back some! ehhhh...we'll see in a few months!!!!

Until then, I'll just keep blogging about the wedding stuff I keep doing or about school!! :)

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