Tuesday, August 4, 2009

375: Maps & Registries

So in the last few weeks I've been working on some DIY stuff & a few other random things.

I think I've finished the map, but know it will be edited as we get closer to the wedding & I change my mind. I got the idea for this map from WeddingBee (where else?), in the DIY section of the site. I saw it, and fell in love. It was done by Mrs. Ballet Flat, and can be found here. I'll post a little more on that a little later. We picked out our fonts too, can actually make stuff & put our fonts in! I'll post a little more on that later, because I just want to show you all of our beautiful choices!

Here's her finished product.

I've also made a HUGE master registry list & I now have to mark of stuff we have & figure out what we want from where-or have some idea where we would prefer to go out of the 2 stores.

I think other than that, that's all I've done since I've written last. We went to Saranac Lake last week, so that took up a week of wedding planning, but it was a much needed break.

We saw a nice sunset.. 

Cut down trees... 

Took a canoe ride... 

Played on the rocks... 

Hiked Mt. Ampersand...

We even saw a dead fish while cutting down trees! (Don't worry...I won't post the picture!) While it looked like a good time (minus the fish) it rained everyday, tempers were high and full of set backs. The boat we brought up hit a rock, so we couldn't use it, moving cooking supplies & luggage for 15 people up with 2 canoes and a kayak. On the way home, the boat's trailer wasn't connecting right, breaking the wires used for signals and such-so we ended up leaving at 11pm (a 5/6 hour drive) to come home early. What a trip!

On a side note:

We're almost to the year mark!

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