Monday, November 30, 2009

257: Music Monday #6 (Interlude)

So I'm back after a long weekend! I've had a great break for the most part. I celebrated Thanksgiving three times, celebrated Josh's nephew's first birthday (below is a picture of him), decorated for Christmas, and went to the Miami Dolphins game (losing was pretty much the only downside. It was my first game I ever went to, so it was exciting even though we lost.

Nom Nom Nom!

*Both are personal photos*

Unfortunately I'm back at school trying to get some work done. Luckily though, I only have 2 weeks, then exams, and then I'm done until the end of January! I can't wait!

On a side note, I just applied to be a bee for WeddingBee! I'm pretty nervous, but glad I finally just submitted the application and don't need to worry about doing it. Wish me luck!!

Now, on to Music Monday!

This week I'm looking at options for background music for either the unity flowers and the cord of three strands (both of which I'll talk about later-maybe in the next week so you guys can understand what I need this music for).

When I first asked my friend if he'd play acoustic guitar for us, he asked to see the music I had so far (Canon in D, It Is You I Have Loved, and Hey Paula-I'll do that one next week), and I asked him if he had any recommendations that he thinks would go with what I picked out so far, and he suggested this:

La Romanza:

I can hear her

I can hear her dying,
but she’s calm, it seems as she wants to
then she comes and searchs for me
with her eyes
then she takes off
the last veil as well,
the last heaven as well,
the last kiss as well.
Ah, maybe it’s my own fault
ah, maybe it’s your fault
and like this I kept thinking.
but life...
but, what’s life?
all or nothing
maybe not even a why.
She comes and searchs for me
with her hands
then she holds me tight,
she lets go slowly,
she holds me tight slowly
she looks for me slowly.
Ah, maybe it’s my own fault
ah, maybe it’s your fault
and like this I kept watching.

and they call it love,
and they call it love
and they call it love
a thorn in the heart
which doesn’t hurt
it’s a dessert
this people
with sand
at the bottom of their hearts
and you,
you don’t hear me anymore,
you don’t see me anymore,
if at least I had the courage
and the strength to tell you
that I’m with you.

Ah, maybe it’s my own fauly
ah, maybe it’s my own fault
and like this I stayed just like this
I stayed just like this.

I can hear her
she can’t hear anymore;
in silence
she went to sleep
she already went to sleep.


At first, I wasn't really crazy about it, but the more I've listened to it, the more it's grown on me.

I'm not really sure if I like the lyrics, but I do like the sound.

Do you think this fits anywhere? Where would you use this song? Should I keep looking?

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