Thursday, November 26, 2009

261: Giving Thanks

So I'm testing out this iPod app I got, so there won't be pictures. I don't have it set up to have them yet. I'll edit when I add them.

This weekend is pretty busy for me so I probably won't be posting until after the holiday weekend. Tomorrow when I do Fitness Friday, I'll most likely just post my weigh-in and talk about turkey or something.

On to this post! I'll be sharing with you guys the five things I'm most thankful for!

1. Josh & Daisy:

These guys are my obvious first choice. I'm so thankful for my new family that we're going to create next year. I'm so thankful that I've found someone that loves me for me, no matter what, til the end of time. They make me so happy and my Daisy can put mer in a good mood any time.

2. Family:

My wonderful families are the next thing I'm thankful for. My family has done so much for me and even when I'm grumpy, rude or don't say thank you, they love me no matter what and will do anything for me, and I for them. I'm also so thankful for my "new" family that I'll be gaining next year. I'm so excited to finally get older siblings, (especially sisters!), and more aunts, uncles & cousins. I can't wait to become closer to everyone!

3. School:

While most days I'm not really thankful for going to school, I am thankful for the school being there and allowing me to go so I can better myself and give myself a chance to have a career that I love. School has really challenged me over the last four years, and I'm glad I got to go. I met lots of people and got involved and i've had tons of fun during my time there. I'm sad to leave after being there so long. (I will be happy when I no longer have homework)

4. Friends:

I'm also thankful for all of my friends, whether I know them in person or from online (shout-out to my WB girls!). I would go crazy if I didn't have you to vent to when I couldn't vent to Josh. I love being able to talk to all of you about anything and everything, wedding and non-wedding. I hope you guys always know that I'll be there for you. Just let me know & I'll help!

5. Our service people:

I'm also so thankful for our service men & women, a lot of whom aren't home to enjoy this holiday with their families. Without them doing their job, we wouldn't be who we are today and we wouldn't have what we do. They're making life safe for you. Thank them when you see them and make sure you pray for them!

What are you most thankful for?

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