Saturday, November 21, 2009

266: A Bride of Two Minds: Meant to Be :)

Nope, not an engagement story yet! :)

This is going to be a story about colors and the envelopes I got that sealed the deal! (haha) I never used an inspiration board to figure out my colors, but would love to put one together now that I finally figured them out!

Once upon a time, in an undecided bride-to-be's mind, was an image of wedding colors.

Now these colors have been changed many, many times in the 9 months that this bride-to-be has been engaged. About 4 times to be exact. (All color pallets made were done at Colour Lovers)

The first color pallet was the pallet she'd been dreaming of her whole life (well, mostly since she met her fiance, but close enough!). This color pallet had a Valentine's Day color theme to it.

(Burgundy, Red, Fuchsia, Light Pink, Purple)

Since Josh had asked her to date him on Valentine's Day and asked her to marry him on Valentine's Day, they always planned on having a Valentine's Day wedding. The bride-to-be thought this color pallet was beautiful!

When it turned out that there wasn't going to be a Valentine's Day wedding (that might come in another post), the bride-to-be decided she didn't want to have Valentine's Colors in the middle of August, she wanted summer colors. She came up with this pallet:

(Fuchsia, Light Pink, White, Light Yellow, Yellow)

The bride-to-be picked this color pallet out be remembering the 2 colors of towels she picked out for the dog! One was pink, and one was light yellow! She thought this would be a perfect pallet for a summer wedding. When her mom started to try on dresses though, she was drawn to a coral color. We then looked at what the moms could wear: hers would wear coral, and his would wear turquoise. This color pallet was born:

(Fuchsia, Light Yellow, Silver, Turquoise, Coral)

This was a fun, tropical theme, but we weren't really having a tropical wedding, so deep down the bride-to-be wasn't completely happy with this pallet. As her mom tried on more dresses, she tried on more purple dresses, and loved the color. As the bride-to-be thought this through more, she loved the idea of purple instead of coral, too! She also decided she could use violets in the bouquets, since the poem she got from her fiance that first Valentine's Day had "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue" in it. The next pallet was this one:

(Fuchsia, Light Yellow, Purple, Light Yellow, Yellow)

And the bride-to-be loved it! As she decided on more things, she wrote another letter to her bridesmaids, and sent it in a purple envelope from Paper and More. As she was getting swatches from Alfred Angelo for her bridesmaids, she got 2 purple swatches: one dark and one light, to decide which purple she liked best. When the bride-to-be got the envelopes in, she lined up the envelope with the dark purple color swatch and it matched perfectly!! Violets should be pretty easy to match up to that purple, too!

So 9 months and one happy bride-to-be later, she finally figured a definite, perfect color pallet for her perfect summer wedding.

And the lived happily ever after.

The End!

Did you have a hard time figuring out a color pallet for your wedding?

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