Thursday, November 19, 2009

268: Cost of Proposing

So, I just realized that when I posted about my Bridesmaid Cards, I never wrote about how much it costs!

I'm so excited because those cards are my first real project for the wedding!!

I got all of my supplies from Paper and More. It's a great site, easy to search and buy. They have great prices and ship really quickly.

When I bought supplies, I bought a bunch of things that I could use again, and I'm not really sure how they go into figuring the cost per card, so I'll just mention them but not include them. I also bought some things for other projects (I couldn't decide on the envelopes, so I bought 2 colors & I'll use one for thank you cards for them), or some things that I wanted to use, but ended up changing my mind and using something else.

General Supplies:
Martha Stewart Flourish Stamps: about $6 from ebay
Martha Stewart Alphabet and Frame Stamps: $10 from Walmart
Gazebo Stamp: about $5 from ebay
Daisy Stickers: $4 from Walmart
Daisy Stamp: $2 from Ben Franklin (local craft store)
Stamp Base: $7 from Ben Franklin (local craft store)
Ribbon: bought various widths and colors for about $2 each
Stamp Ink: bought various colors from Ben Franklin (local craft store)

Used for Card (all from Paper & More):
Silver Metallic Pocketfold Invitation Card: $3.50 (7 samples at $0.50 per sample)
Vellum Envelopes: $3.50 (7 samples at $0.50 per sample)
Pocket Inserts: $3.99 (pack of 50 sheets)

Bought for Card, Will Be Used for Other Projects (all from Paper & More):
White Cardstock: $2 (4 sheets at $0.50 per sheet)
Yellow Vellum Envelopes: $3.50 (7 samples at $0.50 per sample)

So the grand total per card's paper supplies is: $1.83!

That's not including the general supplies because I didn't use them much and I'll be using them again.

I would love to make something for the guys-not as nice as the girl's one in the link at the top, but just something so they can see what's expected of them & just some general things.

Have you been able to get craft supplies for projects? Any ideas for the groomsmen "card"?

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