Sunday, November 15, 2009

272: A Bride of Two Minds: Dress Decisions

So after a a ton of going back & forth on dresses for the girls, I finally made a decision, with the help of Maid of Honor A.

It was a hard decision, and I feel bad, but after I got to go to Bath & Body Works to buy some stuff for the girls & for Christmas presents!

I ultimately decided on choosing the bridesmaid's dresses and shoes. It was really hard to do, but I feel like it's a good decision and will hopefully be a little easier on the girls. The evolution of the BM dress decision:

  • The first 4 months of the engagement (Feb-June): the girls can choose whatever they want as long as they got the color I wanted.
  • After I bought my dress (June-beginning of Nov): the girls can choose from my pre-selected list, all dresses have 2 colors-they get the colors the way I want as long as they get one of those dresses.
  • After 3 of the girls tried on dresses I was slowly adding a couple solid color dresses and had to figure out how to add the second color.
  • After 2 of the girls liked the dress I ultimately decided on when they tried it last week, I became confused. Do I just add this to the list & they figure out how to add a second color, do I add it to the list and they all just get solid color dresses, or do I have them choose from 3-4 dresses.
  • MOH A & I went to Alfred Angelo today and decided that choosing one dress for them all to wear (and she can get what she wants) was the best way to go.
So here is what the girls will be wearing:
(EDIT: The BM's will be choosing between the 2 fuchsia dresses-the difference is the neckline-one's sweetheart, one's straight, and the first option has a lace-up back)

 (Bridesmaid Option #1)                           

So, the bridesmaid dress picture makes the dress look different-it looks better on! The MOH dress will have the fuchsia sash/bottom, not the light pink. They can add straps if they want.

I really like both- MOH A can always switch over to a different dress that I approve of if she tries it on & decides she doesn't like it. There are a few others I could recommend if she wanted-if not, I'm fine with this! They're both nice, fun, summery dresses.

Did you go through a lot of different decisions about your girl's dresses?


  1. I have changed my mind a gazillion times on bridesmaids dresses, styles, colors, and still have not come to a decision! I even posted some on my blog to get reader input ( Leaning towards the last one in the post

  2. Hi! I just found your blog. I'm counting down to 8/14, too! lol I haven't picked out my BM dresses yet (I feel really weird telling them what to wear) but it's on my to do list for next month when all of my 'maids are in the same place at the same time! =)

  3. Yeah- I really wasn't crazy about doing it-but in the end it worked out. It's hard getting all of mine together-I have 6!


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