Saturday, November 14, 2009

273a: Our Marathon Reaches Its Halfway Point!

Today is the day I've been looking forward to all week!!!

Not because we have some fun trip, a vendor to meet or anything to do at all. Actually, Josh is working & I went to the mall with mom (which turned out great-you'll see).

It's because of all of the messages I've received in my e-mail today:

Those are e-mails from TheKnot, The Wedding Channel & Project Wedding all saying I have 9 months to go

What's so special about 9 months to go?

It's our half way point!!!

Yup- 9 months ago today Josh proposed to me!! It's hard to believe that 9 months has flown by already! I thought it would take forever to get here!

It's so exciting that 9 months from today I'll be a married lady! :)

On top of it being a milestone, we had a great time at the mall! We came across a ton of sales, and mom may have found her dress!

So first we went to Bath & Body Works to look at some stuff for Christmas (for me haha), and were looking around, and we picked out some things for me. There's a huge sale going on! Buy 2 get 1 free, or buy 3 get 1 free on their signature collection! There's tons of stuff on sale for $5, and when we went to check out, we found out that all travel items are 3/$10!! I'm going back tomorrow to get stuff for the girls presents!

From there we went on over to Yankee Candle and ended up getting frosted votive holders with the word "LOVE" etched in different fonts. We got 3 of them, and will probably get a few more later, to put out at the cake table and the place setting table, and maybe somewhere else. I also got a votive holder that has an "M" on it! I'm thinking it would look cute on the head table! I'd love to get another one to put on the cake table maybe. I'm not positive.

Then we went over to JC Penney. Mom ordered a dress through the catalog, and it was in so we went to pick it up. Before we did that we were looking at dresses that grandma could possibly wear. We saw a few possibilities, called her, and she might come down tomorrow (probably not). Here are some we liked:

We were looking through the clearance section & I saw a purple dress that was in mom's size! She tried it on & loved it!! (It's like the champagne colored one above, but in an eggplant color) When she tried on the ones she originally ordered, she wasn't really crazy about them, so we went down to look at clutches (after buying some stuff for my brother T & dad). I did find a few cute clutches, but the were still a little pricey even with 30% + 20% off, so we decided to wait until prom time & look at Claire's. I thought this was cute to get Flower Girl M-but it was kind of expensive, even with the sale. Maybe I'll see if someone can make one for cheaper.

We went over to BB&B to look at flatware that I saw and needed to show J, and mom got coffee.

Aren't those spoons so cool looking?!

After, I went over to Michael's to look for a vase & ribbon to finish up my vases-which I'll post soon-for real! I actually found the same ribbon that came with the other 3 (I bought them online) so this 4th vase will match!

On our way home we stopped over at a jewelry show that mom's friend had a booth in. We're hoping they'll make the jewelry for the girls, so I went and saw what they do. The only thing I took a picture of was the earrings. I'm undecided on the style. I may have the girls choose between these 2 styles:

The one on the middle left-with the blue backing-it's got the 4 beads dangling

The middle pair-the dangely hoop ones.

Did you have a lucky day & find tons of deals for anything for your wedding?

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day, congrats on your finds! :)


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