Thursday, November 12, 2009

275: On a Cold Day...


..Coffee is nice!!

I did stop and get a cappucino from Jitterbugs on my way to the computer lab today, but I'd love to win the prize of a contest by Mrs. Stiletto! (not the WB one)

It's a $25 gift card for Starbucks!!!

That would be sooo great on a day like today!

Go here and check out her contest. It ends today though, somehow I seem to find all of these contests on the last day. There's still time though!! Go over to the link I mentioned in the beginning of the paragraph & enter!

If you go over & enter, make sure you tell them that I (PMerr) referred you! I'll get extra points, and if you're able to post about it, refer others so you get extra chances!!! I saw this on Danielle from Small Town Bride's blog-giving her some credit!

Good Luck!!

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