Wednesday, November 11, 2009

276: Wedding Wednesday #3

Ahh!! We've made it to part three of these posts!!! Here's the final part of my trends list! (You can see Part 1 and Part 2) I promise that I'll actually be showing projects & inspiration now. I'm kind of thinking Wedding Wednesday isn't really worth doing, just because the biggest part of the wedding blog is doing wedding related things. So I may just nix the whole Wedding Wednesday thing & post wedding stuff whenever. I'll keep doing Music Monday & Fitness Friday for now.

Ok-on to the list!

The list will only have 9 trends, since I couldn't find enough trends, but I'm sure it's enough! :)

1. Welcome/OOT bags

This is one of the ideas that I'll be using for our Out of Town (OOT) guests. It's a bag/package filled with nice little things for people coming into town just for the wedding. A lot of the information I'll be giving you about this topic is from the WeddingBee Wiki Page for Out of Town Bags.

Some things that usually go into OOT bags are:

  • Itinerary outlining all wedding-related activities
  • Contact name and phone number in case anyone has questions (Assign a good friend or family member to be the primary contact, so you don't have to field the calls - but also include the engaged couple's cell numbers for emergencies)
  • Bottles of water & snacks. Wedding guests that are staying at hotels will appreciate not having to pay the high prices at the mini bar.
  • Maps or tourist info for the local area. Visit your local chamber of commerce or visitors bureau; they can provide plenty of handouts.
  • Local coupons (to outlet stops, tourist attrations, etc.)
  • A CD and self-addressed mailer for guests to return the pictures that they took of their event to you when they return home
  • Copy of the local newspaper (hotels usually only provide USAToday)
  • Stamped postcard (although you may want to draw attention to this elsewhere to people realize it is already stamped)
  • Something local
I'm really excited to do this part & am already thinking of cute things that can go into bags for them!

Some examples:

Some ideas of what can go in the bags

2. Photo-journalistic Photography Styles

This is a really popular kind of style of photographer for all kinds of photos (wedding, engagement, trash the dress). They don't just have your "classic poses" go to this site for examples, but they do a photo-journalistic style. Here are a couple of examples:

                                              (Source)                                            (Source)

This kind of photography is really cool & hopefully we can incorporate both kinds!

3. Pets at the Wedding

I would absolutely love to do this. I would love for Daisy to be part of our wedding since she is such a huge part of our lives. Unfortunately, we're unsure of how she'll behave. She gets VERY excited when she hasn't seen one of us in a while, and the last thing we need is her jumping on my dress or barking. We don't know if animals are allowed in the church anyways. It would be nice to have her in pictures, but it depends on how she is. Some cool ideas for pictures:

(Source)                                          (Source)

There are outfits you can get dogs too! Suits for boy dogs & dresses for girl dogs! All you have to do is Google dog wedding outfits & you'll find a ton of information.

Martha Stewart has some good tips you can find here on having a dog in the wedding.

4. Patterns

There are 2 patterns that are huge right now in wedding patterns/themes.

1. Damask
Damask is usually black & white with an accent color that the couple likes best, although it can be any 2 colors. Here are a couple examples:

2. Lace
This one is all over Martha Stewart. She offers lots of templates for you to print out.

*The MSW website isn't working now so I'll put up a picture later*

5. Boleros/Jackets

Now this is a pretty new idea. Boleros are just jackets to wear over the dress. They're cute, but I think you need to have the right jacket & dress together. I've always thought of wearing a halter top dress to my Valentine's Day wedding, and having a cute little fur jacket to go over it. That would be so adorable! Things changed though, I don't really see a need for me to wear a jacket. It doesn't really go with my style & they feel weird to me when I wear them.

Some are actually like jackets and some are just the lace.

(Source)                                  (Source)

6. Monograms

These are just a nice picture of the bride & groom's name or initials. It can be as simple as just the initials, or their full names, with the date.

*Our Monogram Options*

7. Non-Floral Centerpieces

This is a fun option if you don't want to use flowers as the centerpieces at the reception. There are a few different options I've seen..Mrs. Pineapple has a few options that you can see here.

  • Gold fish
  • Board Games
  • Lighting/Candles
  • Fruit/Food
  • Nature
  • Pictures
I love the idea of having gold fish, and if it wasn't so expensive to buy 25 fish bowls, we would most likely do it. I think for now we're sticking to a fake flower centerpiece.

8. Functional Favors

This kind of goes along with the donation favors I posted about last week. This can just be some favors that guest can use again.

  • Measuring cups/spoons
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Seeds/Plants
  • Candles could be considered
  • Wine Stoppers
  • Coasters
  • Luggage Tags
  • Food
There are other options too. You can search functional favors and find TONS of ideas. We're hoping to use food, and make a donation to Lollypop Farm.

9. Send Offs

This is the "goodbye" from either the ceremony or the reception. This is the fun part. I'm still deciding when we'll be doing this. I'm thinking of after the ceremony because it'll still be light out. There are tons of options for this too!

  • Bubbles-the classic

  • Sparklers-the new trend

  • Streamers-I love this-hoping to use this-I'll be talking more about these later.

  • Bird Seed
  • Flower Seeds
  • Rose Petals
  • Eco-fetti
There are probably some other options, but these are the popular options. Mrs. D'orsay did a great piece on wedding exits. You can look there for some more ideas.

So that finishes my list of wedding trends! I know there's a few on here that I'm hoping to use in our wedding, and will talk about those at a later time...when I get more information about them. Hopefully that's soon! in the next couple months!!

Have you jumped on board any of these wedding trends?


  1. I like a lot of them but I am not sure how many I will actually do!!!!!

    OOT bags are a really cute touch but I am not sure if it will be in the budget!

    I love the streamer send-off I have never seen that one before! I really love bubbles but I am worried about the soap staining my dress - is that absurd?

  2. haha! You're not absurd! I've seen that comment other places about bubbles staining.


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