Tuesday, November 10, 2009

277: We Finally Meet the Final BM!!

So we finally got the last Bridesmaid up here! The last one J had to meet. Unfortunately only one of the other girls got to meet her. Maybe today we can see the Maid Of Honor, but who knows.

She moved to Virginia about 8 years ago, and only came up once a couple years ago for a funeral, Josh didn't go to it, so he hasn't met her yet. She got here at about 3am yesterday morning and will be leaving early tomorrow morning, and last night Josh got to meet her for dinner!

I went to Alfred Angelo last night with BM S and Flower Girl M, and we only got one other BM, BM K to meet us up there. They all got to try on some dresses & I showed BM S my dress. I have some pictures that were taken last night-some by me & some by FG M (who is 3 1/2 & did a great job!)

Here is FG M in some dresses:

I love that last one!!

Here is BM K in one of the dresses she liked the best:

She looked great in all of the dresses she tried on! :)

These next pictures are of them trying on a dress in fuchsia-they only have one style, which isn't on my list (I only picked out dresses with 2 colors). They both ended up loving that one the best, and were figuring out ways to add a second color.

Honestly, if it turns out that they all like this style, they could just get the one color & I'd be happy with it. I just don't want to decide what they all should wear. Actually, both times I came (once with BM P & now), they ended up seeing a dress in a solid color they liked best! If they all prefer the solid color ones that I approve of, I would be totally willing to let them just get that & be a solid color instead of getting a sash. I just don't know what 3 of the other girls liked. I'll have to talk to them again. This is getting difficult!

So, here's some more pictures-of us just hanging around, there were some cute pictures of me & FG M, but I'm in my dress and you can't see that until August 14th! :)



Me & FG M

Me in my dress (haha! Can't see it!) & mom in the background

FG M on the back of the dress (I'm not a fan of showing it, but it's really cute!)

When we were done at Alfred Angelo, we met Josh at the mall and had dinner. We wandered around to show BM S all that's changed there in the last 8 years, and then Josh, FG M & I rode the carousel. She wanted to ride in there-I guess she freaks out being that high up. I was a little sad not riding the horse!

Did you end up loving any BM dresses that you didn't plan on having them wear?

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  1. My girls are all picking their own dresses with no guidance from me at all - but I really like that dress!!!! And it looks good on all of the girls!

    Are you going with the fuscia? That is the colour I am getting my girls to wear :-)


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