Sunday, November 8, 2009

279: More Give-Aways!

I know I've mentioned this before...I love contests/give-aways!

So it's no surprise that I'm writing about another contest that I entered!!!

Bride on Budget is hosting a give-away for a rolled canvas from If you want to enter the contest as well, just go here and comment on what she asks you to.

One of the things she wants you to comment on is what we would use it for. There are some pictures that I would love to have made into a 16x20 canvas! There are hundreds of pictures of J & I, so there's no shortage of possibilities of what we can use!

I don't have any of the pictures, but one is an engagement picture we have of Daisy kissing J and I'm holding her. It's really cute, and I would love to have it to hang up when we have our place. Another could possibly be a Christmas card picture when we have it done, depending on what we decide to do.

I know it's a pretty boring post with no pictures to show you what I could use, but go over to the post and enter your name!

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