Friday, November 6, 2009

281: Fitness Friday #3

It's time for Fitness Friday!!

It's not a very good day, but we'll do this anyways..

The weigh in isn't good this week:
I'm now 173 lbs. I gained from last week...again!! Hopefully it's just building muscle. Halloween wasn't good to me-too much candy-but hopefully it's mostly muscle! :)

I've been doing the 30 Day Shred-I did it 4 times this past week, so I know I didn't get to do it more, but I did do it a lot.

More important than exercise, well, it's just as important, is the nutrition and diet you're on while you're exercising. I'm not saying you need to go on a diet, just you're diet in general is important. I'll talk a bit about the food pyramid this week!

To stay healthy we need to remember the food pyramid! There's a lot of tips and information at mypyramid and they explain to you the most important things to eat. The food pyramid was recently redone to look like it does above.

Now, trying to tell you everything you should do-I won't do. I don't know a ton about this pyramid like I should. I'm just giving you some tips and things to look at. I will tell you what MyPyramid offers!

There are lots of links and help on this site, so I would strongly recommend going over there & checking things out. On the side bar there are basics, interactive tools, multimedia & recommendations for age groups, among other things. There is a menu planner, which I'm kind of looking at right now.

So go on over and take a look: what do you have to lose?

What's some of your favorite nutrition/diet sites?

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  1. Healthy food pyramid is applicable to all age group regardless of the kind of lifestyle they practice. It is beneficial in having a healthy body system. But in today's rat race environment, most tend to ignore it. Taking food supplement is another good option to suffice our body's needs.


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