Thursday, November 5, 2009

282b: Not a Fan of the DTV Switchover?

...then get this antenna!

I had a regular ol' antenna that I used for my tv, and when the switch was made, it worked, kind of.

I couldn't have my computer on and watch TV, and it was really hard to get NBC, the channel I watch the most. It was one of those rotating thingys, so every channel was on a different dial and the rabbit ears were all over, so everytime I changed the channel I had to redo everything. So I was quite upset that I have a TV in my room and hardly ever get to watch it. (The cords were also all over the place so it was annoying having to be careful, and the sight was ugly!)

So after trying a couple new DTV antennas, I decided to stick with my ol' regular non-DTV antenna. Then, my brother got an antenna for his TV, and I was quite jealous of what he got! His channels came in clear, all of them, all the time!! So of course I wanted one!

Dad bought me one & installed it onto my TV, and as of last night, all of my channels come in way better than they did before! There aren't cords in the way, and the antenna lays right on the TV (held on by some double sided tape). I just hope that it's where it's supposed to be to get all the channels in all the time!

Rating: A-
This antenna is amazing! I know, I haven't even had it for 24 hours yet, but I can already tell it's better. I can get in the channels way better than before, and I can get NBC in all of the time!! It's light-weight, and doesn't take up too much space since it's thin and sits on top of the TV. My meter says the reception is in the 50-70 range, it was around the 30's before.
The only con: I can't get NBC when my computer's on. Oh, I don't know how weather changes will affect the reception. We'll see.

Other than that, I would recommend this antenna to anyone who doesn't like what they have.

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