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283: Wedding Wednesday #2

So here's my continued list from Part 1. There will be one more week of trends, then I'll get into some fun stuff & projects!!

1. Boudoir/Trash the Dress/Engagement Photos

More pictures are currently a trend in weddings. Now, many couples get engagement photos, brides do trash the dress (TTD) photos to get another use of their dress, and some brides do boudoir photos as a gift for their new husbands.

Many photographers now include enagement and trash the dress sessions in their wedding day package, some even include boudoir sessions.

I would love to do a trash the dress session & get amazing pictures with Josh & Daisy, but I'm not sure how that will go over, since the dress did cost a lot. Josh would be for it, since he doesn't want me to keep it-it takes up too much space, and he's still not happy with the fact that I have both of my prom dresses taking up space!!

Here's one of our engagement photos:

*Photo coming soon*

Here are some examples of TTD photos:

2. Vintage Style

A vintage style wedding something that I've seen a lot of, especially on WeddingBeeMiss Lightning had a vintage style wedding, you can click on the "Miss Lightning" link at the beginning of the sentence. Here are some other vintage styles:

Birdcage veil:

3. Themes

Themes are a relatively new idea for weddings. While I'm not really having a theme, I often get asked what my theme is. I mean, I'm having lots of daisies & gazebos, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a theme.

Here are some ideas:


4. Choreographed First Dances/Bridal Party Dances

This is probably the one of the most fun trend on the list. I've only seen this done once (a first dance), personally, and think it would be sooooo fun to do!! There was a show on TLC called "Rock the Reception" where couples would have professional choreographers help them and their bridal parties make a unique and surprise dance. It's not on the air anymore, but you can look on youtube for episodes.

This is pretty self-explanatory so I'll just show you this video:

5. Reception Dresses

This trend is for the girls!! Some brides don't want to wear a huge wedding gown to their receptions, where they'll be dancing, so some brides get reception dresses, dresses they change into before the reception. Alfred Angelo offers some, or you could just buy another dress to wear.

Here are some of my faves from Alfred Angelo:

6. iPod Receptions

iPod receptions are taking over in popularity. This is a cheaper alternative to the band or the DJ, and could be argued that it's more personalized. I personally don't like this, and would rather spend the money making sure someone else is taking care of the music. Guests may want requests, and the songs may not be able to be played, or the sound system might not sound good, or the person running it may not be able to enjoy themselves.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing to do, or that it shouldn't be done, I think it just needs to be done in the right setting.

7. Donation Favors

Donation favors is something that makes everyone feel good. Guests don't like favors they just take home and through in the drawer, and some couples would rather do something that's worthwhile.

The couple will donate to their favorite organization, and leave a little note, usually with candy, that a donation was made in lieu of favors. Couples usually pick an organization that means something to them-they were personally affected, a loved one was affected, or it's just an organization that's close to their hearts.

The I Do Foundation is a site that's set up to help couples donate to their favorite organizations easily. The Wedding Channel also allows more donations on their registry site. The couple will specify the organization, and every time an item is bought off of their registry through the Wedding Channel, money is donated.

We're hoping to donate some money in place of some favors to Lollypop Farm, where we got Daisy.

8. Honeymoon Registries

Because many couples have owned an apartment or house before they got married, they may not need any kitchen appliances or bedding, but people still want to give them a gift. This is where honeymoon registries come in.

The couple will set up a donation website through a honeymoon registry website, like I Do FoundationTraveler's Joy, and Honeyfund. I would suggest researching each website and read reviews to make sure you know what to expect and to find the website that fits your needs. Some sites allow you to pick from a selection of locations, while others let you make your own.

9. Signature Drinks

This is a fun way to personalize the bar at your reception and keep costs down. Most times, a full open bar will cost an arm and a leg, but couples don't always want to give the option of just beer and wine. This is when the couple will pick a signature drink or two to add to the beer and wine list. Usually this goes with theme of the wedding, or it's just the bride or groom's favorite. It's a great way to add something blue, and names of traditional drink can be changed to be wedding related.

Many of the bees have done some nice pieces on this over at WeddingBeeFrozen Yogurt and Rainbow have some nice posts. Here are some examples:

The "White Wedding", the Belletini, and "Something Blue"

10. Pops of Color (Shoes/Dyed Crinoline)

This is a fun way to put more color into the brides (or grooms) attire. Colored shoes can be worn, or crinoline can be dyed. I would love to try & do this somehow, but we'll see.

Here are some fun examples: (I can't find any for the groom, so this will have to do)

This is such a cute idea for bridesmaids if you have them all in one color-a jeweled tone wedding!

So that's part 2 of my list!! Only one more to go through! Then I'll have some fun inspiration & projects to look at. I promise!! (Not that this isn't interesting!)

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