Thursday, October 1, 2009

317: Catching the Tears

I have some time between classes today to share some inspiration with you!

Today's inspiration:
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Tears of Joy Tissue Packets!

I ordered some stuff to see how I want to do them. I got samples of vellum paper, and 2 sized vellum envelopes.

These are soo cute! I'll hopefully try & work on them this weekend. This month is going to be busy, so we'll see. I just love these though!

UPDATE 11/20: I never got around to making these using different paper, but I did buy Martha Stewart Eyelet Confetti Pouches from Walmart for under $5-a pack of 20. I'm thinking that might be a good number? Maybe I can try making some out of what I have. I'll be fixing  up the confetti pouches some. I'll show you when I do!

Did you have tissue packets?

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