Thursday, December 31, 2009

226: Book of the Month: Dog Massage

Today is the last day of the month and year! What better way than to squeeze in my first Book of the Month (BotM) feature!

I thought I'd see how it goes and start it off with a not wedding related book. I'm sure all of you dog owners out there would love this! It's a book I got for Christmas from my FMIL called "Dog Massage". Here's a picture of the cover from the previous link:

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

227: Uniquely Traditional: Uniting Our Families, Part 1

Remember when I was talking about how to personalize our ceremony yet be traditional? (In case you're too lazy to click the link & refresh your memory: I mentioned that I liked the flower ceremony variations and the Cord of Three Strands (which is in that link), and talked about the Cord of Three Strands over there.) Well, I'm finally posting the other unity candle alternative we decided to do!

There are two different variations of using flowers for a unity candle alternative (which I'm calling Unity Flowers):
  • "A simple unity ceremony where the bride and groom exchange roses. Other variations: the families exchange roses, the bride and groom exchange roses with their families, the bride and groom exchange roses, then present their mothers with the roses" (From About)
  • "Use flowers as an alternative to the unity candle. There are several variations for this union available. Place bouquets of flowers in separate vases to be carried down the aisle by the two mothers. During the ceremony, the bride and groom pluck one flower from each bouquet and then place them together in a smaller vase. Another version is for the bride and groom to exchange a single flower as their first married gift to each other. Flowers as a symbol of unity also are appropriate for outdoor or garden weddings" (From e-How)

Monday, December 28, 2009

229: Music Monday #10 (The Ceremony List)

I finally finished my list of songs for the ceremony!

I'm so happy to finally have it done. I can get it to our musicians, J's cousin (E) playing violin, and my friend (C) playing guitar. I'm just a little nervous that it's a lot for them to do. I do have some ideas if they don't want to do all 11 or 12 songs, though. C & I can either try to make a CD of the prelude songs playing guitar & flute, or we can see about having some flute friends play the prelude for us. Other than that, we can either have C & E pick songs they want to play or pick songs that they play and play the CD for the other songs. We'll see what they think after they get a chance to look through the music. I was even nice enough to put all of the music in a binder for them, with dividers (like the sections below) so it was easy to follow!

Want to see the line up (and the reasons I chose them)?* Thought so!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

231b: Personalizing the Ceremony: Popular Readings

I've already talked about the other reading and "activity" we'll be doing at the wedding, but before that we'll have two other readings.

We spent a lot of time talking about what we wanted to do for readings (and by "we", I mean "what I wanted and he just said I don't care"). Josh's dad gave us a list of common verses used for readings, and we were looking through them for some ideas. One verse for the readings was a no-brainer. For the first reading, we'll be using the most popular wedding reading/bible verse ever, 1 Corinthians 13.

231a: Early New Year's Resolutions

I'm back after having multiple great celebrations this week! I hope everyone else has too! :)

Last night I came up with a few things I can do for this blog (again, I'm constantly doing this). This time I'll really keep up with this and do more for the wedding. It has been hard with the holidays and in between the two, finishing up with school. I promise I'll do more posting, and it'll be relevant to the wedding!

These New Year's Resolutions are to post more about the wedding, but also to talk about how it is unique to us. We've decided to do a lot of traditional things, but I've changed them slightly to be more modern or unique. There's a reason for that: I want to do the traditional things, but I'm sick of seeing the same things over and over. I want to do something different than everyone else and be the first to do it (which is how I like to do just about everything). A lot of what I'm going to be posting on I'm hoping doesn't get stolen by family or friends who get married before us. Luckily, we don't really have to worry about it, but anything can happen.

Another thing I've realized I want to do is to do a book of the month. I have a few books that I have but haven't started reading or have started but haven't finished. I'm hoping this will force me to read them. I'm thinking the first one I can finish up before December's done. It's not at all wedding related, but I got it for Christmas and would like to get that one posted so we don't have to wait a couple months for a wedding related one.

Hopefully I can keep up with these in the New Year!

Have you made any "New Year's Resolutions" around blogging?

Friday, December 25, 2009

232: Fitness Friday #10

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Personal photos from our NYC trip on December 12th

I thought I'd still post today really quick. I'm trying to get ready for the day before people get here (they should be here by now, so it's kinda weird).

This week I'm just going to do the weigh-in, and will figure out something to do next week. Probably something on new year's resolutions or something.

The weigh-in:
168.4 (same)

Which is great! I didn't lose, but I also didn't gain! And actually, my scale is a little weird, and once it weighs the first time, it kind of stays with that. I weighed myself twice: the first time it was 168.4, and the second time it paused at 168 but then went up to 168.4 as the final.It's really weird, so I'm never sure if the final one is the actual. I'll just use that one for this week. I'm pretty happy though either way. I haven't really done any work in a week, so it's nice that I'm maintaining at least. We'll see what happens next week!!

Have a wonderful day & have fun celebrating Christmas today!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

233: Mery Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas!

I thought I'd post a quick Merry Christmas post before I "leave" for a few days. I'm not going anywhere, but I won't be on with the all of the Christmas celebrations. I'll be back after Christmas and I'll post my Fitness Friday then, unless I actually get the chance to just weigh-in tomorrow.

Here's a Christmas card for all of you that didn't get one sent to you. It's not exactly what we did, but it is the picture we used on our card.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

234b: The "First" Ornament

I thought I'd get both of these posts about ornaments out of the way on the same day. Next year, we'll have our first tree as a married couple up, and ready to start celebrating Christmas. I'm hoping that we'll have one ornament for "Our First Christmas" on our tree to celebrate our marriage! So I decided to look around and see what's out there as far as "Our First Christmas" ornaments go.

I searched around & found a few different ornaments that I really liked. I saw a lot of "Our First Christmas" ones, and I also found a few that would be cute for the wedding party. There are links at the bottom to sites with a whole page of them.

234a: Ornamental Inspiration

Over at WeddingBee, they are having their bloggers make a wedding inspiration board based off of one ornament, so I decided to try it out and see what I can come up with! You can go here to see all of the bee's inspiration.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even an ornament (heck, mine came from the dog's towels!). There are some really good ideas that you can get from ornaments, which you can see from what the bee's have done. I looked all over for ornaments: Walmart, Target, Personalization Mall & Hallmark (yeah, it's not a ton of places, but I did a lot of looking!) Because of my collection of these ornaments when I was younger, I eventually decided to choose this ornament from Hallmark:

Pink & gold is a really popular color pallet for a wedding right now, so it would have been soooo easy to cheat. There are tons of inspiration boards out there on Google, but I was good. I went on over to SMP to create my inspiration board, but had a ton of trouble using it. I ended up just putting all of the pictures in MS Paint and came up with this:

Have you gotten any inspiration in different places?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

235: Christmas Survey

I saw this on a few different blogger's pages so I thought I'd join in on the fun!! For some reason, all the pictures happen to be from 2007, with the exception of Daisy. They're all my photos BTW.

Josh & I in 2007

Monday, December 21, 2009

236: Music Monday #9 (Christmas Edition)

Sooo, I was hoping to have all my music ready to list out for the ceremony to share with all of you, but I didn't get to it, even though I know I said I would. I got a little busy with studying for my last final and babysitting, so I haven't gotten to it yet, but I need to get it done by Sunday so the music can be brought down to Cincinnati, where our violinist lives. It'll be convenient though, on our 10th Music Monday I'll share all the music with you!!

Since Christmas is this week, I'll be doing lots of Christmas themed posts, starting with this one! You can look forward to a Christmas survey, a wedding theme created around an ornament & a little Christmas card!

Before I start, I did get my rejection letter from WeddingBee today. It's sad, but I'm not as sad as I thought I'd be. I can apply again in 4 weeks, so I'll be fixing up some posts and really be working at blogging better!

Friday, December 18, 2009

239: Fitness Friday #9

Happy Friday!

School's finally out for me until January 25th, so it's a very happy Friday for me! Hope you're all ready for wedding planning to TAKE OVER!!!!! I know I am! Hopefully I can wrap some stuff up before Christmas, but after I'll be a wedding planning machine!

On to Fitness Friday!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

241: Review: Digital Room

Yesterday I finally got the poster I won from Katie over at Random Reflections of a Perfectionist a few weeks ago!

I won an 18x24 poster from UPrinting Sponsorships, and after getting our Christmas card pictures done, we decided to use one of those pictures:

Huge thanks to my cousin/BM AG for taking the pictures for us!

Monday, December 14, 2009

243: Music Monday #8 (Prelude)

This week for our Music Monday I'll be looking for some ideas for our prelude, since our violinist, Josh's cousin, asked me to send her music soon. Hopefully I'll be able to list everything next week.

I decided to ask the hive for help on prelude music. So far, this is the hardest to find! On here, I started looking at the song Bella's Lullaby, which I found out is from Twilight. I've never really been interested in Twilight at all, but as I was looking for this song I found another one that I liked a little bit better.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

244: My Dream Wedding

After my recent trip to NYC (and the one we took before we were engaged), I've always thought about how cool it would be to get married in NYC (although I'm unsure how Josh would really think). I was looking up tickets for Top of the Rock before I left and ran into "Engagement on Ice" and thought it would be so cool to do it just for the fun of it, but it looks like it costs about $200 to get engaged, when we're already engaged. I also saw that you could do weddings there too. I left it alone, thinking it would be so cool to have NYC as part of our wedding somehow, since I've completely fallen in love with the city!

Today, my mom & I were looking for ornament sites online, (since we didn't buy any but wanted one) and went to the Empire State Building site to see if she could find one she saw there. On the side bar, was a link to "Get Married at ESB on Valentine's Day"  She pointed it out, I couldn't believe my eyes and I knew I had to go try to win. This is the perfect way for us to get married in NYC on OUR DAY!

Friday, December 11, 2009

246: Fitness Friday #8

Ahhh! So I meant to finish this an post this on Friday, but with going to NYC I totally forgot to finish it & post it! So I'm finishing & posting it now (with Friday's date so I don't need to change the days left)! Please forgive me!! I didn't change anything, and just added the parts I forgot. I did do my measurements (NOT weight) after the trip to NYC, so hopefully it's not affected too much from what it was on Friday.


And it's even better for me, because it's my last Friday of classes until January! I still have a couple of exams next week, but I'm done with classes! It's exciting!!

So this week after my weigh-in & measurements, I'll be talking a little bit about walking & why it's good! I was going to compare pilates and yoga, but I'm going with the family to NYC tonight (only for a day, but still!) and we'll be doing tons of walking!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

247b: Gifts in the Mail Completed...

..for now! :)

I finally got the pictures for Christmas cards in the mail today!!!! I talked about it here a few days ago.

I won't post the picture juuuust yet, but that's the package it came in! :) I'm working on the picture to post here for a Christmas post, and I need to send them out first! I know some people that read this are getting a card, and I can't ruin the surprise!

I ordered the pictures from Walmart after my cousin took them for us! I can't wait to show you guys the picture soon! We got cards at Walmart last year that we just put a 4x6 picture in!

It does mean I can get them ready to send out! I'm so excited! Get ready bee's! Hopefully I have enough to send to a bunch of you! J has a big family and our church family list is pretty long, so there wasn't many cards left over!

What did you do for Christmas cards?

247a: Let's Say Thanks!

We should always be thinking about our troops, but especially during the holidays is a great time to be thinking of them. I'm sure it's so hard for them all year long to be away from their friends, family, and their country.

There's a way for you to send a card easily to those overseas fighting for us. It's sponsored by Xerox, and all you have to do is go to this site and follow the instructions! A soldier will receive a thanks in no time! While you can't decide who gets your card, which are all made by kids, any soldier that gets a card will greatly appreciate it.

All you do is decide the card you want to send and click send card. You'll then go to a site where you put your name, hometown & state. You then select a message from a list or you can write your own. Then click Submit, and you're finished! Easy peasy!

Here's the card I sent:

And the message I selected:

"We don’t know each other and will probably never meet, but I want you to know that you and all of our troops are in our hearts and prayers each day. Please always remember what you're doing will always be appreciated and never forgotten. I wish you all the best and pray for your safe and speedy return home to your family and friends. Thank you."

It literally takes one minute to do, so go over and send a card to a soldier!

Have you found any sites that do something nice for our troops, or anyone else?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

248: Giveaways, Giveaways, and More Giveaways!

I hit the jackpot today!!! There are tons of giveaways to let you all know about! (Well, 2 things, but it's technically 6 different ones) I'm hoping I can win another one! (I'll post the giveaway that I won a couple weeks ago-it shipped today, so I'll show you it when it gets here!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

249: A True Libra Bride

So this isn't going to be a long post. I just decided on something regarding this blog & thought I'd let you know! There have been many things I've been undecided on (a true Libra) and would love to point all of those out to you!

Topics where I've been undecided and changed my mind a million times will have a title and a subtitle. I've searched undecided/indecisive in the Thesaurus and have been looking for something clever to do. I also looked at some other recommendations including changeable Some of my favorite synonyms: hemming and hawing, of two minds, equivocal, whimsical, kaleidoscopic, on the fence, and moot (which I thought meant pointless). I really like including moot, mostly because of FRIENDS:


But I do like the idea of it being called "A Bride of Two Minds". I'm not sure where I'd go with moot.

Which do you like better? Any good ideas for moot?

Monday, December 7, 2009

250: Music Monday #7 (Interlude)

We've finally have only 250 left! It's really exciting! The last 50 days flew by, I can't believe it! We'll be at the big day before we know it!!

So this week's Music Monday I'm going to be talking about a possibility for interlude-ish music. I want music to be played when we are doing the Unity Flowers and Cord of Three Strands, so I've been looking up some pieces for that.

I really do need to get going on picking out music for the ceremony. That's why I haven't really gone into the reception music yet. I need to decide what I want so I can mail out information to our ceremony musicians (fam-dors: family/vendors), so they can get practicing!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

252: Gifts in the Mail

I'm just writing really quick to let you guys know that I've been waiting on 2 things in the mail:

  1. STD's (ordered on Tuesday 12/8, arrival date: on/before 12/23)
  2. Christmas Pictures (ordered on Wednesday 12/9, arrival date: 12/9-12/14)
I was tracking my pictures online, and at 9:30 AM, they were in Pennsylvania, so I was hoping they could make it here.

At 1PM, when the mail was brought it, my mom called me down & said I had a package!! I was so excited! I thought they were my pictures, but when I saw the package, it didn't say Walmart on them. I was a little confused because it felt like it could be them.

I opened them up, and to my surprise, they were my save the dates!! I won't be posting on them until after they've been mailed and guests get them, sometime in January. They've been through quite a transformation! Here's a teaser though:

I ordered them from VistaPrint, and they turned out really amazing! I can't wait to address them and send them out! (And then post about them after!)

Did you have a good experience with VistaPrint/other site like this? Did their shipping time impress you?

Friday, December 4, 2009

253: Fitness Friday #7

Happy Friday!!!

I'm pretty excited that this is the second to last Fitness Friday I'll be writing at school! Next week is the last week of classes, and then a week of exams, and I'll be free til the end of January!

On to Fitness Friday!:


Thursday, December 3, 2009

254: Personalizing the Ceremony: Literally Tying the Knot, Part 1

That's got to be the longest title ever, and well, I guess it'll technically be braiding, not tying! :)

Thank you for those who are voting! I felt like I needed to post soon, and this is the topic vote I received first.

I've never really wanted to do the unity candle, at all. I do like the symbolism of becoming one family, but never really wanted to do it because everyone else does the unity candle...everyone! I don't think I HAVEN'T been to a wedding where it WASN'T done.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

256: Asking for Your Opinions!

I'm having some trouble figuring out which I should post on next, so I'm asking you guys to help me out!!

Hopefully you're all back from Thanksgiving break & back to reading regularly, so hopefully you see this!!

So the options I can think of are cake ideas, the cord of three stands, hair ideas, invitations, the pens in vases, the proposal story, or the unity flowers. If you think I should talk about something else (if I've mentioned something before you want to hear about or have another idea) just comment on the post.

Thank you so much!

Edit: Retrying the poll. Hopefully this works. If not, just leave a comment.

What Should I Post on Next?