Thursday, December 31, 2009

226: Book of the Month: Dog Massage

Today is the last day of the month and year! What better way than to squeeze in my first Book of the Month (BotM) feature!

I thought I'd see how it goes and start it off with a not wedding related book. I'm sure all of you dog owners out there would love this! It's a book I got for Christmas from my FMIL called "Dog Massage". Here's a picture of the cover from the previous link:

It's about 90 pages, and in the book it tells you how to massage your dog! (I'm sure you would have never guessed!) :)

I haven't gotten the chance to try it out yet. I did only finish it up yesterday, but expect an update at some point after I get to try it out on Daisy.

The book is broken up into a few parts including "Know Your Dog", "Basic Strokes" and "Head-to-Tail Massage". Those three are probably the most important.

The "Basic Strokes" section explains how to do each stroke used during the massage. It's pretty descriptive and seems easy to understand how to do the strokes. I guess we'll find out when I try to give her a massage!

The "Head-to-Tail Massage" section tells you how to massage the dog. It's separated into sections, so they explain the head, body, legs, and tail separately. You can work on only one section or follow each part to do a full body massage. That also seems pretty easy and clear, but again, I haven't done an actual massage yet.

They do recommend that you make this a daily exercise. They suggest doing it weekly for the dog to get used to it, then eventually doing it everyday. Dog massages are said to help reduce anxiety and bad behavior, and can help healing. They say that dogs will be begging for massages after you start!

I'd recommend picking it up if you're able to. I can't wait to try massage Daisy in the next week or so. I'll update you guys when I do try it out to let you know how it goes!

Have you tried massaging your dog (or another pet)? How did it go?

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