Monday, December 28, 2009

229: Music Monday #10 (The Ceremony List)

I finally finished my list of songs for the ceremony!

I'm so happy to finally have it done. I can get it to our musicians, J's cousin (E) playing violin, and my friend (C) playing guitar. I'm just a little nervous that it's a lot for them to do. I do have some ideas if they don't want to do all 11 or 12 songs, though. C & I can either try to make a CD of the prelude songs playing guitar & flute, or we can see about having some flute friends play the prelude for us. Other than that, we can either have C & E pick songs they want to play or pick songs that they play and play the CD for the other songs. We'll see what they think after they get a chance to look through the music. I was even nice enough to put all of the music in a binder for them, with dividers (like the sections below) so it was easy to follow!

Want to see the line up (and the reasons I chose them)?* Thought so!

My Best Friend (Tim McGraw)
This just feels like a song that describes us. Josh is my best friend, and I can't say much about the song other than the fact that it describes us.

Walking Her Home (Mark Schultz)
This is another song that is kind of us. It's the story about a couple who went on their first dates together as kids and grew old and died together (a lot nicer put than that). I've always felt a connection, mostly because we like to take walks together a lot and, well, we're young and will grow old together!

A Better Way (Downhere)
This is one of our songs (kind of). I'm not sure how, but it kind of became one of our songs when I asked him what our song was.

I Will Be Here (Steven Curtis Chapman)
This is the song I felt that was ours. For the longest time, when I was mad at Josh, this song would come on. Usually in the car, right before we went to say goodnight. Josh never did, because this was sung during his sister's wedding and he relates it to that, but it's still important, and I call it our song.

Faithfully (Journey)
This was the first song we danced to (or at least I remember dancing to...he's not much of a dancer, unfortunately). It was at our prom, and we danced to it. I've always thought of that during this song since then.

River Flows in You:
This song was just really pretty. I was looking around for music, ended up on this song and fell in love with it! This is for the grandparents and parents to walk in to.

Canon in D:
I've always planned on having Canon played at the wedding, and thought that the wedding party processional was a great way to do it. It's the only traditional song I want played.

It Is You (I Have Loved):
I planned on having no traditional songs played (other than Canon), and was looking for songs for the processional. I came across this song on the boards over at the bee, and went to take a listen. It's the song in the opening of Shrek, and I love that song! I thought it would be great to use!

During the Ceremony:
Love is a Song:
I chose this song for background music during the Cord of Three Stands. I was at the library looking through books of music and came across a Disney book. I looked through and picked out a couple songs, and this was one of them. It's in Bambi, and thought it was great to do for a little bit of background music.

Hey Paula:
I think I was looking around for some first dance songs and came across this. We were figuring out where to use it, and thought it would be best to use this when we do our unity flowers (which I'll be talking about soon). This song (at least the first verse) describes our relationship perfectly! We picked our wedding date partially because I'd be done with school, and well, that's my name! 

Beautiful Day:
We (I) wanted to pick a fun song to end the ceremony on. I'm sick of hearing the old traditional recessionals, and honestly, I'm really not crazy about them. I was looking for ideas, and saw this idea on multiple websites. I had a bunch to choose from, and J liked this the best, so we're going with it!

Time to Say Goodbye:
I heard this song in the Step Brothers movie, but didn't really think about it. I was looking around for some recessionals, and came across this and became interested! I finally saw that the English translation means "time to say goodbye" so I thought it would be a perfect recessional. It wasn't upbeat enough for the bridal party recessional, but for the guests leaving it would be great!

I'm so relieved to be finished with all of the music for the ceremony!! Now on Music Monday, I'll be trying to figure out what to do for the reception!

What did you do for ceremony music?

*Hopefully all of the music/videos are appropriate. They should be, but I just posted them up after 10 seconds of listening.

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