Saturday, December 26, 2009

231a: Early New Year's Resolutions

I'm back after having multiple great celebrations this week! I hope everyone else has too! :)

Last night I came up with a few things I can do for this blog (again, I'm constantly doing this). This time I'll really keep up with this and do more for the wedding. It has been hard with the holidays and in between the two, finishing up with school. I promise I'll do more posting, and it'll be relevant to the wedding!

These New Year's Resolutions are to post more about the wedding, but also to talk about how it is unique to us. We've decided to do a lot of traditional things, but I've changed them slightly to be more modern or unique. There's a reason for that: I want to do the traditional things, but I'm sick of seeing the same things over and over. I want to do something different than everyone else and be the first to do it (which is how I like to do just about everything). A lot of what I'm going to be posting on I'm hoping doesn't get stolen by family or friends who get married before us. Luckily, we don't really have to worry about it, but anything can happen.

Another thing I've realized I want to do is to do a book of the month. I have a few books that I have but haven't started reading or have started but haven't finished. I'm hoping this will force me to read them. I'm thinking the first one I can finish up before December's done. It's not at all wedding related, but I got it for Christmas and would like to get that one posted so we don't have to wait a couple months for a wedding related one.

Hopefully I can keep up with these in the New Year!

Have you made any "New Year's Resolutions" around blogging?

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