Friday, December 25, 2009

232: Fitness Friday #10

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Personal photos from our NYC trip on December 12th

I thought I'd still post today really quick. I'm trying to get ready for the day before people get here (they should be here by now, so it's kinda weird).

This week I'm just going to do the weigh-in, and will figure out something to do next week. Probably something on new year's resolutions or something.

The weigh-in:
168.4 (same)

Which is great! I didn't lose, but I also didn't gain! And actually, my scale is a little weird, and once it weighs the first time, it kind of stays with that. I weighed myself twice: the first time it was 168.4, and the second time it paused at 168 but then went up to 168.4 as the final.It's really weird, so I'm never sure if the final one is the actual. I'll just use that one for this week. I'm pretty happy though either way. I haven't really done any work in a week, so it's nice that I'm maintaining at least. We'll see what happens next week!!

Have a wonderful day & have fun celebrating Christmas today!

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