Wednesday, December 23, 2009

234b: The "First" Ornament

I thought I'd get both of these posts about ornaments out of the way on the same day. Next year, we'll have our first tree as a married couple up, and ready to start celebrating Christmas. I'm hoping that we'll have one ornament for "Our First Christmas" on our tree to celebrate our marriage! So I decided to look around and see what's out there as far as "Our First Christmas" ornaments go.

I searched around & found a few different ornaments that I really liked. I saw a lot of "Our First Christmas" ones, and I also found a few that would be cute for the wedding party. There are links at the bottom to sites with a whole page of them.

Ones for us:

Ones for the wedding party:

Some sites that have a bunch of ornaments for both:

Did you get your bridal party ornaments? Do you think it's something they would like to get? Would you want one?

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