Monday, December 14, 2009

243: Music Monday #8 (Prelude)

This week for our Music Monday I'll be looking for some ideas for our prelude, since our violinist, Josh's cousin, asked me to send her music soon. Hopefully I'll be able to list everything next week.

I decided to ask the hive for help on prelude music. So far, this is the hardest to find! On here, I started looking at the song Bella's Lullaby, which I found out is from Twilight. I've never really been interested in Twilight at all, but as I was looking for this song I found another one that I liked a little bit better.

The song I found is called "River Flows in You". I found some different ways I can play this, I'll post the original version, the violin version, the guitar version, and a transition version I found. I'm having some trouble decide what I want to do. I will be having one song in the prelude done by just the guitarist, so I'm not sure if it would be best for the violinist to play by herself? I'd love any suggestions in the comments! :)

The original version:

The violin version:

The guitar version:

The transition version (we would do the violin where he plays the piano):

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Did you pick out music for your musicians, or did they do that for you? What did you choose?

On another side note, today is our 8 month left marker!!! I mentioned it to Josh & he had real cute & happy smile on his face! :)

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