Wednesday, December 9, 2009

248: Giveaways, Giveaways, and More Giveaways!

I hit the jackpot today!!! There are tons of giveaways to let you all know about! (Well, 2 things, but it's technically 6 different ones) I'm hoping I can win another one! (I'll post the giveaway that I won a couple weeks ago-it shipped today, so I'll show you it when it gets here!)

The first of the two giveaways is from Ashley @ Bride on a Budget. She's going to be having a new giveaway each day for the next week! I'll have to check out each day! You might be getting a lot of these posts this week! :) Today she's giving away a $25 e-certificate for! I went on & checked out some cute things:

Perfect because of the color & flower! (Source)

Something for the cake topper: Love it because it's close to what we want & we wouldn't have to pay for it! (Source)

(Source) Something for the girls! (Source)

The second giveaway is on 5 different sites! So you get 5 entries to win! You want to know what it is? A COMPUTER!! For real! Amazing!! You can find them on Kelly's Reviews, Nie Nie Dialogues, MCK mama, Boo Mama and Totally Together Reviews.

It's an HP TouchSmart computer, and all you have to do is go say why you want it! SIMPLE! Here's what it looks like:

What are you waiting for?! Go enter!! Good Luck!

Have you found any good giveaways recently?

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