Wednesday, January 27, 2010

199: Exclusive Items

I've been working on some lists for various projects (bathroom baskets, out-of-town bags, and kid's activity books), which you'll hear about later. Recently, I've been focusing on what to do for our out-of-town bags. I have lsited some of the "basics" items: map of the area, snacks, a water bottle, a thank you letter, but I want to include something that's unique to Rochester. We have invited about 50 out-of-towners, some who have lived here, some who have never been here. (Side note: I'm thinking that we'll be doing bags by family, because doing 50 (at most) bags for each person seems to be a bit much.)

So what's the best way to portray Rochester to people who have lived here and have never been here? I'm not sure! I did some reseach, and came up with some things that are unique to Rochester, and can hopefully base an item or two on one of the items below! Unfortunately, most of the items that I've found are either perishable food, or flowers (which are popular in May), so it's going to be hard to decide on something.

Starting with my town, the biggest events:

An Apple Fest, and the Carnival. I can put apples in everyones bag, but I'm not sure if everyone will like getting something healthy in their bags. Honestly, I know I'd be slightly disappointed, but I'd get it's unique to that area. For the carnival, I don't think I can put fried dough in the bags, so I guess we'll just skip that one!

Unique to Rochester:

Here are some brands and companies that are either headquartered in Rochester, or started in Rochester:

I'm really not a fan of mustard, though.

They make different kinds of frozen foods and such.

Underage guests would have access to it if it's in the out-of-town bags.

I'm a HUGE fan of pasta!

Which also produces Arbor Mist and other brands

A major/local grocery store chain that EVERYONE shops at.

The thing that's most unique to Rochester is the garbage plate.

Personal Photo

To incorporate that somehow, I can get hot sauce by a local company (either Nick Tahou's or Dinosaur Barbeque) to put in their bags, or even Buffalo wing sauce, since Buffalo wings are just as popular hear as they are in Buffalo.

Are you including something local in your OOT bags? What direction should I go in?


  1. First of all I want to know whats in a garbage plate!?
    Although I haven't thought this out through completely, I would like to have local products in the OOT bags. Especially ones that people can snack on. Good luck putting your OOT bags together!

  2. haha! A garbage plate has either a burger or hot dog, and it's on home fries, mac salad and has a meat sauce (pretty much fat) loaded on top. You can get onions & mustard on it, but I just go for ketchup! :) It's soooo good!


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