Monday, January 25, 2010

201: Book of the Month: The Five Love Languages

I recently finished up "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. I saw it somewhere on Weddingbee I think, but I know Mrs Duckling wrote a post about it.

If you're looking for a good way to feel like you did when you first met your significant other, or feel like you guys are drifting apart, I highly recommend this book. I feel like this is good for anyone: dating, engaged or married, because it helps you see what your SO (and you) like, and best ways to interact with them to make them happy.

If you're looking for the book:

 Basically, the five languages are:
  1. Physical Touch: Touch, which can be hand holding, playing with hair, massages, and sex.
  2. Quality Time: Spending time with your SO, and not just necessarily doing things. This can be cuddling, talking, or things like that.
  3. Words of Affirmation: Praise. Good, nice praise.
  4. Acts of Service: You like your SO doing things for you. Taking out the garbage, starting the laundry, or anything to help out.
  5. Receiving Gifts: This is pretty obvious. You like presents!
There is a short (30 question) test for both males and females in the back of the book. Just answer the questions, add up the amount for each letter (you can take the test here and see what I mean), and then whichever language had the most answers, that is your love language.

Josh and I took the quiz, and we found that he's physical touch, and I'm quality time. I've been more conscoius of how I'm acting around him, and making sure I try holding his hand, giving him a kiss, or something else of that nature (except sex, but that will change in about 201 days. ;) Oh yeah!). I'm not sure if Josh has tried too hard to spend more quality time with me, but I have been off from school. That means I'm home a lot, and when he's done with work, I go to his house for a while. It's been pretty good so far!

Go check it out! It's a great book. Even if you don't want to buy it to read it, you and your SO should go online to take the test!

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  1. I will have to look into this! We're definitely looking for ways to reconnect since moving in together... too easy to both be sitting all day on the computer!

    By the way, I felt I had to answer your comment on my last post. ;) He's in the pictures! You have to click the photos to see the whole thing since my columns are narrow, but I wanted the photos big for when they go up on Weddingbee. :) I'm vain... but not that vain. ;)


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